8 Tricks For A Perfect Dabbing Experience

Top 8 Tricks For A Perfect Dabbing Experience

8 Tricks For A Perfect Dabbing Experience: Most people prefer dabbing as a method to enjoy their cannabis, concentrates, or oil. It allows them to have a more potent high experience with ease. However, as you become a more experienced dabber, you’ll likely want to level up your experience. 

Regardless of your techniques, whether or not you’re still experimenting with your dabbing style, there are some tricks and tips to have an ideal dabbing experience. From using the best e nails and dab rigs and more techniques below, read on if you want to learn how to have the best results for your dabbing sessions.

1 – Use Quality Cannabis Concentrates

Your dabbing experience starts with selecting quality cannabis concentrates. If you opt for a low-quality strain, you might get an inferior flavor, resulting in a less satisfying experience. On the other hand, quality concentrates ensure a top-notch experience and taste. 

Unfortunately, choosing and finding quality dabbing concentrates is never easy. It is especially true if you’re purchasing from an online shop. The best way to avoid low-quality concentrates is to buy from a well-established and reputable online dealer. You might want to ensure that your chosen store has good reviews and the necessary license.

2 – Clean Your Dab Rig Regularly

Once you use your dab rig frequently to enjoy cannabis and other concentrates, you’ll deal with residue buildup in its parts over time. While you think the residue isn’t a big deal, it can affect your dabbing experience. In particular, if you don’t remove the residue and leave it that way, it may affect the taste of your concentrates. Moreover, it can lead to mold buildup and impact your health. 

For that reason, it’s crucial to clean your dab often. The more you clean your dab rig, the easier it’ll be to keep it in good shape, making your dabbing experience as flawless as possible.

3 – Dab At Low Temperatures

Some dabbers complain about unpleasant tastes, chest discomfort, and sudden loss of balance. It could be because they might not be dabbing at the appropriate temperatures. 

The main goal of dabbing is to heat the nail until it’s hot. However, letting it cool is a vital step in the dabbing process. When the nail is very hot, your concentrates can get burned easily, creating an unpleasant inhalation experience. 

Furthermore, dabbing at high temperatures may eliminate terpenes, which are the organic compounds that make the unique flavor and alluring smell. Let your dab nail cool after you heat it to keep a good dabbing experience and avoid possible painful sensations.

4 – Invest In A Portable Dab Rig Or E-Nail Rig

Traditionally, dabbing involves using a nail and torch. It’s affordable, unlike a quality automatic dab rig. However, if you want to level up your dabbing experience, switching to a portable dab rig or an electric nail is recommendable. With such dabbing tools, you don’t have to guess the temperature. You won’t also need to wait so long for the nail to warm up, resulting in a less stressful and much easier process.

5-  Use Gloves

If you’ve been dabbing for quite some time, you probably know how sticky and slimy dabs can get. So, if you want a perfect dabbing experience, you might want to use gloves. After all, you want to enjoy each step of the process. Moreover, if you don’t use gloves, you might contaminate your dab with dirt and bacteria that could be lingering on your hands.

6 – Use A Quartz Nail

A quartz nail is the best tool for those who want to feel the effects of their favorite concentrates immediately. It heats up fast and can reach the right dabbing temperature in a short time. It also absorbs heat better, and you can trust it to last longer than glass nails. Also, a quartz nail offers a well-refined and quality dabbing experience.

7 – Opt For A Relaxing Environment

Another trick to enjoy a perfect dabbing experience is to choose a place with a relaxing environment. A setting with a peaceful ambiance will surely enhance the quality of your experience. Doing a dabbing session in your favorite and most comfortable place can surely give you a good time, especially if you’re with friends or other people who love vaping rather than smoking dabs.   

8 – Pick Your Containers Properly

Concentrates frequently come in containers, which aren’t always the best for people who love dabbing because the process requires grabbing, scooping, and breaking the right amount. When the containers become hot, it may lead to a sticky mess, making it hard to pick up and gather the concentrates. Due to this, it’s best to use silicone containers to help reduce waste, allowing you to dab without getting so messy.


These are some of the many tricks you can consider to upgrade your dabbing experience. With the right tools and a little creativity, you can surely take your dabbing experience to the next level.

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