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Accident Makati Elevator {July} Grab The Incident Info!

Internet is recently filled with Accident Makati Elevator details and links, and this article has some important revelations for you.

Did you hear about the Makati accident? How many people are killed in the accident? How did this accident happen? Readers who want to learn about the facts related to this accident, this article has some facts for your clarity.

The recent Makati Accident happened on Friday, 08 July 2022, at around 2.55 AM in a tower in the Philippines. This accident is gaining the attention of the users. Read this article about Accident Makati Elevator until the end to find out all the details.

Details about the Accident:

If you scroll the internet about Makati’s accident, you will find multiple links for the elevator accident. According to reports published over the internet, two maintenance crew members were found dead after the collapse that happened inside the building. This accident happened on 08 July 2022.

This accident is a recent hype over the internet, and people are constantly searching for the details of casualties and other dead people. If you are also willing to know more about the accident, then scroll to know more.

Elevator Accident in Makati– Location:

This accident happened in Makati City in the early morning on 08 July 2022 at around 2.55 AM. A report published by BFP (Bureau of Fire Protection) mentioned that this accident happened at the Burgundy Corporation Tower, situated at Gil Puyat Avenue in Barangay Pio Del Pilar. All these details mentioned in this article are fetched from published reports.

We have researched all the reports about the accident. Some of these reports also say that this happened at 3.46 AM.

Reason for the Accident:

Detailing more about Elevator Accident in Makati,  they noticed that the elevator was under maintenance, and the crew was repairing the same. But while repairing the lift, it dropped from the 38th floor to the 6th floor. Here, the crew was injured, and some were found dead.

The maintenance crew was Rey Miguel Gilera and Manuel Linayao. These two were repairing the elevator at around 2.55 AM when the same happened. Apart from these two crew members who were found dead, two others observed injury during the same incident. The first body recovered at around 6.44 AM and the second a few hours later.

Developing Facts:

Furthermore, Accident Makati Elevator fetches for a developing story, and more facts about this are added when discovered with the passing time. You can come and check the updates a few minutes or hours later to know more about the same.

Final Verdict:

According to our research and reports published over the internet, we have found some links about the elevator accident. This happened on 08 July 2022, at around 2.55 AM, and two crew members were found dead.

Check the Elevator Accident to know more. Also, help us with your views about Accident Makati Elevator in the comments below.

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