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This write-up aims to provide our readers with important information about Accident Nasugbu and the relevant details about the accident.

Did you hear about the Truck accident? The recent truck accident in the Philippines has left people speechless. The news is circulating all over the internet. People from around the world are in shock and want to know about this truck accident. Stay with us if you are unaware of what happened and want the information about the accident. This article will provide all the important information about the Accident Nasugbu and all the details about the accident, victims, and the culprit. 

What happened at Nasugbu?

On Monday at 6 am, an accident happened in Nasugbu Town. It took place in Batangas province, south of Manila. A truck was on its way from Mexico, Pampanga, where that truck plowed into a roadside fruit store, hit a motorbike, and collided with a car. 

The motorbike driver, the car driver, and the six passengers in the car. According to the police, the truck was filled with sand while overtaking on the national highway; the truck lost its break and got out of control, which led to the death of 8 people.

Details on Nasugbu Batangas Accident

The truck driver was identified as Ben Bryen Constantino, a 28-year man and a resident of Bagong Barrio, Caloocan City. The name Worldwide Ventures owned the truck. On his way from Mexico Ben Bryen had 2 more companions named Jiar Aranzado, 24 and Faustino Cuenco,23. 

Aranzado is a resident of Barangay Balaong and Cuenco is a resident of Barangay Basuit. They both were younger than Constantin and worked under him as his helpers. The investigation claimed that the truck also hit a blue-colored Yamaha Aerox motorbike. The Driver of that Yamaha motorbike is a 42-year man, a resident of Barangay Balibago.

Victims of the Accident Nasugbu

A report provided by the public information office identified the 7 victims. The victims who died along with Sangalang identified as, Catherine Ampo,24, Jerson Santos, 53; Jayvee Santos, 24; Evelyn Santos, 56; Amado Santos, 53; and a 4-month-old child named Candy Santos. All these victims lost their lives in a truck accident. The motorcycle driver also died on the spot. The truck driver and the two helpers of Costantino got sustained injuries. Currently, the Driver of the Dump truck is in police custody and will face some charges.

How do people react to Nasugbu Batangas Accident?

People are showing their rage at the Driver who caused this road mishap. People are calling Ben Bryen Constantino a freak. They also send their condolences to the family and want strict action for this accident as soon as possible.


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