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Accident Train Montmagny {July} Understand What Happened

This article describes a collision between a truck and a train at a superior level crossing in a Canadian city. Read about the Accident Train Montmagny.

Have you heard about the recent collision at a level crossing? Are you interested to know the aftereffects of the incidents and the current case scenario? Then, keep reading till the end as we thoroughly visit all major aspects of this topic.

People from Canada are shocked and worried about the news of the Accident Train Montmagny that took place at an important railway line. As it is a recent accident, residents are looking for more information related to the collision.

About Train Collison in Montmagny

The residents of the Avenue Saint-David are saddened by the reception of an unfortunate train accident in the early morning of 26th July 2022. According to Sûreté du Québec (official police service of Quebec), the incident occurred around 5 AM.

A truck crossing the railway line collided, and a train passing through the track collided with the truck. There are no casualties reported. Read more about the Accident de Train Montmagny.

More About the Accident

  • The truck that collided with the train was used to transport vehicles.
  • The truck trailer was trying to pass the track to make a delivery. Unfortunately, the truck got stuck at the level crossing, and the driver could not get the truck out of the track before the arrival of the train.
  • There was only the driver in the truck, and somehow, he managed to escape the accident without getting injured.
  • The driver tried to maneuver the truck to get out of the track, but all his attempts failed, resulting in the collision.

Accident Train Montmagny

  • The collision on Avenue Saint-David has blocked the road for the passengers.
  • The accident resulted in train wagons stuck at the rail and the passage roads. Apart from that, the truck also blocked the road and rail.
  • The Avenue, Saint-David level crossing was closed to avoid further traffic on the route and to clear the train and truck blocking the road.
  • As the accident occurred in the early morning, the officials could clear the road before the busy morning. 

Latest Update

  • Following the accident, at 5 AM, the entire road got blocked, and it was difficult for the police and other departments to clear the road.
  • After the Accident Train Montmagny, the train wagons were detached with the help of lots of effort and time.
  • After almost five hours of hectic work, the officials were able to make way for the passengers.
  • The Avenue, Saint-David level crossing got reopened to allow normal transport at 10 AM. 


It is common for heavy truck drivers to get stuck on different roads. Unfortunately, the railway cross is a bad place to get stuck with a big vehicle. To know more about the accident, please have a look here.

Have you read about the Accident Train Montmagny? Then, kindly share your opinion on this topic below.

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