Website Reviews Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? Reviews 2020 Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? >> If you have been searching for food processors or board games to play at them, then you must read this post.

Have you been searching for toys and other kiddie products? Then you must read this ReviewsThe site also offers other products to choose from apart from these. 

An average customer’s world changed with the introduction of online shopping. You get a myriad of options to choose from, add exciting discounts to that! You will find your most favourite offline stores now wanting to sell online. Giving the customer what they want isn’t that amazing? 

The Activitytrade online store is set up in the United States, and currently only deliver’s in and to US territories. 

What is

It is an online store that sells kids items, kitchen wares, torches, and batteries. The home page displays the six categories the site delves into. These are 

  • Diaper creams and ointments– babies often get diaper rashes; this site offers numerous ointments, creams, and petroleum jellies that are sure to soothe the pain—these range from Dr. Smiths to Balmex and the trusty Vaseline products. 
  • Batteries and Battery Packs– you will spot replacement batteries for phones, portable chargers, car chargers, and some phone cases. You can get a cylindrical 2200mAh power bank for $12.99. 
  • Seasoning and Spice Tools– in this section of Activitytrade.comyou will see cute and exciting salt and pepper containers, pepper mills and grinders, wall mount spice rack, vegetable choppers, and slicers, etc. If you like graffiti and skulls, then you will love the skull-shaped salt and pepper shakers. 
  • Car Accessories– everything from car charger adapters, phone holders, and Bluetooth transmitters are available. This section offers a limited selection. 
  • Food Processors- this section provides you food dehydrators, food processors, mini grills, juicers, and even an oil press machine. You can get a 3-cup food processor for $21.99. 
  • Games and Accessories- this section offers something for the kids as well as adults. If you are locked in at home, then you will need something to entertain yourself. You can get a set of Star Wars playing cards for $4.50. 

Progressing further into this review, you will find out is activity trade website legit or not. So, you must read it till the end. 

How to purchase from this site

Since it is an online store, you can only make purchases via the site. Keep in mind that they only deliver within the United States. however, they do not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, etc. 

For shipping the products to you the company uses FedEx, UPS, or USPS and take about 3-6 business days to deliver. If you are in a rush, then you can opt for the 2-3 business day delivery, that will cost you $10. You can use the activity trade coupon code available on the site to get discounts. 

For making online payments, you can use your visa cards, master cards, American Express, or PayPal. Reach out to them using their phone number- or their email id-

An address has been provided that tells you they are set up in Montvale, New Jersey. 

Is the activity trade website legit? 

This question is often asked regarding new websites! The pointers below will give you clarity. 


  • Its contact section provides a phone number as well as an email. 
  • There is also an address provided that tells you the company is based out of New Jersey, United States.
  • Each product has a detailed explanation regarding the materials used on
  • The site has a clearly defined product categorization. 
  • The site has an SSL certificate.


  • The product categories are not cohesive. For example, they sell cooking utensils as well as kids’ products such as rash creams. 
  • The product categorization is confusing. 
  • They only deliver within the United States. 
  • Every product seems to have a high rating on the site, yet no reviews are provided. 
  • The products are not budget-friendly. A 1.7L cordless kettle in red costs $65. 
  • It has a recent creation date address, which is not a good sign. 

Final Verdict- 

The sounds legit. Numerous pointers tell us that purchasing from the site may be safe. However, some tips tell us otherwise. Since there are no product reviews available on the place, it is difficult to determine. 

To conclude, purchasing from the site may be smooth sailing for some and a task for others. Share your good or bad experience regarding this site in the comments below.


  1. When I go to the site on my computer. I am redirected to Also, I tried to purchase something on on my phone last night and once I finally got to the check out, it never prompted me to enter my credit card information. It asked me to set up a user account, and I did and then could not get back in. I received no email (like the site said that I would). I don’t think this is legit.


  2. Never could find the coupon for the site. All the coupon adds were useless and i looked around the other tabs but nothing. Maybe link it next time.

  3. So far I can’t contact anyone so I can complete by order. States to setup registetiion and will confirm with email, but have not received email!!!

  4. They had an item that was 50% of the price on amazon so I tried to purchase. I had the same problem as someone else where it said it sent me an email but I never received it.

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