Website Reviews Reviews (Jan) Legit Or Fake | Check Here! Reviews (Jan) Legit Or Fake Check Here! Reviews (Jan) Legit Or Fake | Check Here! >> In this writing, we will discuss a website that offers sports accessories and clothing, and we will make you learn about its trustworthiness.

Are you looking for a website that sells products from the best brands? Let’s check out Reviews and see whether you can trust this website to buy sports clothing and accessories.

We all know that sports clothing and accessories cost a fortune when it comes to famous brands in the United States and when a website offers you the product from the same brands at a lower price, many customers jump into the trap of these fake sites. offers you products from famous brands at a much lower price. Hence this writing will undoubtedly answer your question, Is Legit?

What is is a nine-month-old online sports store that offers you everything you need to pursue your sports journey from famous brands at a much affordable price. 

The website offers you running shoes, climbing shoes, a GPS watch for runners, backpacks, leggings, tights, clothing, shorts, and other accessories. The website sells sports products from famous brands like Nike, Adidas, FILA, Vans, Hufs, and Dickies. 

The website has received many Reviews from customers. The website contains a few random products that do not match the first impression of the website. 

Specifications of

  • Product Category: Sports clothing, shoes and accessories
  • Website URL:
  • Launch Date: 16th March 2020
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: (760) 576-5543
  • Address: 900 E 8th Ave, Denver, Colorado 80218, United States (Found From customer Reviews, Not available on official site) 
  • Shipping charges: Free Standard Shipping 
  • Delivery Time: Not Mentioned 
  • Cancellation: Not clear 
  • Return / Exchange: Not Clear
  • Refund: Not Clear 
  • Mode of Payment: Visa, Amex, Maestro, and PayPal 

Pros of

  • Affordable price range
  • Website is HTTPS protects 
  • The website has SSL encrypted payment modes 
  • The site offers newsletter services 
  • Variety of color and sizes available 
  • Free standard shipping, as per the Reviews
  • Excellent product description

Cons of

  • Majority of negative customers’ reviews 
  • No social media profiles 
  • No offline address of the site available 
  • None of the policy hyperlinks work 
  • No information about the cancellation, return and refund
  • Expected delivery not mentioned 
  • Random products not based on sports 
  • Order tracking link not provide 
  • No information about worldwide delivery 

 Is Legit?

The first impression of the website claims that the website seems based on the sporting product, but once you look deeper into the product, you will find random products like printers, seeds, appliances, etc., on the product listing.

The bottom-most hyperlinks do not work when you click on them. Also, the website does provide access to the policy section; hence we are not aware of the shipping and return policy. 

The website does not have any social media profiles, and most of the pictures in the product description have models face missing; hence, we feel that the product pictures seem copied. 

The website has also not mentioned any offline address or the factory address. The website has received many negative customer reviews regarding its service. Hence, we would strictly restrict you to shop from this website. The website is not legit. 

What are Reviews from Customers? 

The website has received disheartening reviews from customers. Many customers stated that the phone number and email provided on the website were fake because when they tried to mail the website, it bounced back saying the email address is incorrect. 

Many customers were suspicious from the first look at the website. They stated that none of the products comes at such a low price. Hence they have warned others that the website is a scam and must be avoided. 

Many customers have lost a significant amount, and they never received the order. 

Many have suggested that the address on the site are the address of someone’s apartment. Hence it seems like the website does not exist in reality.

Overall we found that Reviews disheartening and disappointing.

Final Word

We have provided many all the essential factor we could collect. The website is an attempt by scammers to trap you. The site is in the market for more than six months and still hasn’t made any advances in its policy section. 

We would not advise you to shop from this website and restrict you from entering your credentials or sensitive data on this website. 

These scam websites use newsletter services to get your email id and then forward it to hackers and try to get your banking credentials. 

We hope this report helped you. Please comment below and share your experience and Reviews. 

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