Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date {Feb 2021} Release Date!

Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date 2021

Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date {Feb 2021} Release Date! >> A most waited declaration has made where the developer has declared some surprises. Read to know.

If you belong to Adopt Me fandom world, then a huge surprise is waiting for you in writing. We will let you know about Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date.

Adopt Me is one of the most played games on the Roblox platform; the cute animated visual effect has created a special place in millions of gamers’ hearts in the United Kingdom and the United States. Recently, the game authority has announced the Ladybug’s release date.

About Adopt Me:

The cute Adopt Me was published on 14th July 2017, gained millions of likes in 3 years. Here a player can raise a pet and can make play them with friends; as it is a multiplayer game, 48 players are allowed. If you are going to play the first time, you will get two options just after logging in to the game. You can play as a baby or a parent.

Investigating about Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date, we get to know that the game has a daily reward program, where you will obtain 25 Bucks & 1 star on day-1, 50 Bucks & 1 star on day-2, 100 Bucks & 1 star on day-3, and so on.

The Bucks are essential to obtain because you cannot take care of yourself or your pets without it. In a recent announcement, game developer has revealed the release date of the most waiting pet ladybug.

The release date of Ladybug:

According to the news, the Ladybug pet is going to release on 18th February 2021. Adopt Me lovers can own this cute pet by 199 Diamond Lavender.

Following Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date, what are the tricks that the Ladybug will learn:

The below tricks learned by the Ladybug are-

  • Ladybug learns to sit at the newborn stage.
  • At the junior stage, she learns to remain joyful.
  • In the pre-teen stage, the pet learns beg.
  • When she entered the teen stage, she knows Jumping.
  • Post-teen stage, she learns trick 1.
  • After grow fully, the pet learns tricks 2.

What else will be added in the new update?

In this spring update, not the Ladybug will only be added, but several latest features will also be included. Check below to know more-

  • Buildings: The developer will add new buildings in the update. The Player will get all the drinks and food in those buildings.
  • Shops: Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date update will bring a number of shops grouped, for example- safety hub, farm shop, one premium shop, potion shop, all will be accumulated and group together.
  • Diamond Lavender Treat: After updating this game, Adopt Me enthusiasts will be treated with new diamond lavender. It is needed to obtain pets.


Adopt Me has collected more than 19.7 billion views and over 3 million likes from the United Kingdom and the United States; is the reason for being so popular because of the charming gameplay and cute animated characters. Be a baby or a parent; there are so many pretty things that you won’t be bored with the game. Adopt Me Ladybug Release Date is 18th February 2021, this week. Update the game and enjoy playing.

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