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Adreian Payne College Stats has shared career statistics of a basketball player killed in a recent shooting incident in Orlando.

Are you an American basketball fan looking for a recent update on NBA star Adreian Payne? We are afraid the news of Payne’s death is accurate, and basketball fans in the United States must be devastated by this unexpected news.

In an incident on 9th May 2022, Payne was shot by some miscreants and was declared dead at the hospital. Though he remains in the news for some bad incidents, most people know him as a professional player doing his duty for his team.

We have collected some stats of this player; read Adreian Payne College Stats to get the details.

Payne Stats at Michigan State:

Adreian showed his interest in basketball during school days and started playing for Jefferson High school. He joined Michigan State as a freshman in 2010 and started playing for his college in the same year. He has a four-year career in college from 2010-to 2014 and showed his skills from the first year itself.

His College stat from 2010 to 2014.

  • School – Michigan State
  • Games played – 138
  • Game started – 94
  • Minutes played  – 2759
  • Field goal  – 447
  • Free throw – 277
  • Total rebound – 735
  • Assists – 85
  • Points – 1232

In his first year at he has an average point of 2.5.

Adreian Payne NBA Stats:

After finishing school, Payne started his professional career in basketball and played for different NBA teams. He started his professional career with the Atlanta team in 2014-15 and last played for Orlando in 2017-18.

His total NBA Stats for the different teams are listed below.

  • Games played – 107
  • Game started – 24
  • Minutes per game – 13.1
  • Field goal percentage – .406
  • Free throw percentage – .680
  • Rebound per game– 2.9
  • Assists per game – .6
  • Points per game – 4.0

He also participated in the Euro league for season 2017-18 and played for the Panathinaikos team. The    Adreian Payne NBA Stats is a career stat for Payne as he played for Atlanta, Minnesota, and Orlando as an NBA star. 

Adreian Payne’s life off the Field:

Though he has a good life on the Field and played for different teams during different career stages. He remained in the news for his closeness with cancer patient Lacey Holsworth. He met her during a team sponsorship charity program for a hospital in 2011 and stayed in close contact till her death.

He was involved in controversy during his time at Orlando; Payne and his colleague were accused of assault. Though no charges were framed against them, it affected his career.

Adreian Payne College Stats on His Death:

According to reports on digital media, Payne was shot on 9th May and succumbed on the way to his hospital. One arrest has been made in this case till now; a man named Lawrence Dority was arrested for first-degree murder.

The case is being looked after by Orange County Sherriff department, and more revelations are awaited in this shooting incident. 

Final verdict:  

The incident of shooting and murder are on the rise in the country, and it’s time the government took proper steps to bring the situation under control. We have put the Adreian Payne College Stats of the deceased player as a remembrance of his life for his fans. Basketball lovers can share their thought about Payne in the comment section.

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