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Dodbuzz publishes a lot of reviews that are related to a variety of products as well as websites. We selected all such products without any favor and made them independent. Sometimes, Dodbuzz also earns a small sum of commission, known as affiliate revenue, under which if the reader taps on the link and purchases the product, we get some earnings. Any article with such an affiliate link is clearly labeled.

Our platform never gets clouted by any advertisers or team of commercials. There is no written post for the sake of promoting any product. You can check out Review Guidelines for more info on the content as published on our website.

What is Affiliate Revenue?

In simple words, affiliate revenue is a small portion of the commission earned on buying a product by any user who taps on the affiliated links. The revenue from the purchase gets shared among the publishers, affiliates, and retailers that link them. When any product featured on Dodbuzz is connected with affiliate revenue, then we always make it crystal clear to our readers with a statement at the bottom of the webpage on the site.

Dodbuzz works with the third-party affiliation programs that are in a relationship with thousands of publishers and retailers. When a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase from the site, then we will get a small commission on it.

However, there will be no change in the product’s price under the affiliation link, and you will get charged with the original cost.

What are Dodbuzz’s programs for affiliate revenue?

Dodbuzz partakes in two different kinds of affiliate programs, as given below:

  1. Amazon Affiliate links

    As we have already mentioned above that Dodbuzz partakes in an affiliate program, and Amazon Services LLC Associates Program is one of them. The program is designed in a manner to help the websites to earn advertising fees by showcasing and building their links. Amazon proffers a commission on the sale of a product via affiliate links. Each of your purchases via the Amazon affiliation links from our website will never charge you any additional cost.

    If you find any links and want to buy the product, then go for it by tapping on them.

  2. Product Affiliate Links

These affiliate links work in the same manner as the affiliate links on Amazon do. If you tap on these links and purchase the product, then we get a small percentage on the sale or other form of compensation. Again, the price will be the same, and you need not pay even a buck more than the original amount.

What about sponsored content?

All the content as published on our website is genuine, and there is no such sponsored post involved at all. We offer authentic and unbiased info. However, if any company connects us to post any sponsored content on Dodbuzz, then we disclose it clearly at the very start of the post.

We only recommend those products that we buy, test, and use, and then we refer the same to our readers. Also, by doing in-depth research about the product and exploring all info about it, we advised to buy or not to buy products. We do our best to bring the best product in front of you and an honest review.

We appreciate your interest!

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