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Afk Arena Temple Of Time {Jan 2022} Find New Feature Details

New additions in the game include Afk Arena Temple of Time. Read to find how to equip, and use the new features.

A new feature named- Temple of Time- has been added to the AFK Arena v1.80. In addition, a new event called ‘A Flame Reborn’ has also been added. It is ready to be used in Germany, Canada, Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The Afk Arena Temple of Time is for users who have completed chapter 15 in the game. Today, we will discuss the gameplay, like ratings, reviews, and news updates. 

The AFK Arena Gameplay 

AFK Arena is an Android and IOS gaming app. It was created by Lilith Games and has been advanced, with its current version being 1.68.01. The latest version was released on 26 July 2021. The app has significantly been popular. AFK Arena is also known as a role-playing game that plays itself so smoothly that it becomes addictive in no time. Afk Arena Temple of Time is an idler of the gaming industry and requires clickers in the role-play modes. 

The players have to have a minimal level of commitment.

The game can be played while in the gym, on a bus, or lying on your bed. Every time, the units you have arranged are fighting while you are not indulged in the real-time gameplay. The exciting thing is that the name’ AFK’ is an acronym for ‘Away From Keyboard.’ The developers have made sure that users don’t have to play the game constantly and still have something of interest to play it for some time. 

Afk Arena Temple of Time: Ratings, Reviews, and Criticisms

There are various websites of gamers who have rated this game. And truthfully, many of them gave 5 stars to the game. Mostly the game is liked by more than 95 percent of users who have played it once. The game has a storyline as well and does not run just randomly. Although, the real reason is that users progress based on how they arrange their units and not how much time they spend in front of the screen. Though some aspects of Afk Arena Temple of Time are paid, the users who don’t want to play can still play and enjoy the game. 

Temple of Time in AFK Arena 

With the new optimizations in the game, ‘A Flame Reborn,’ and ‘The Foreboding Disaster,’ and ‘The Temple of Time’ are added. The temple of time can be used to invoke the Awakened heroes. If a player possesses the Awakened Hero, they can use Stargazing cards to call the respective Awakened Hero. The time emblem can be changed daily.  


With new additions in the game, Temple of Time is shortly available for users to equip. Time emblems are added and are possibly still free but can also be purchased from the Yuexi bundle’s platform. Afk Arena Temple of Time has a solid rating, and they are going to increase as the new optimizations look thrilling and addictive. To know more, see Temple of Time – Complete Guide & Tips | AFK Arena  

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