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Age Of Gods NFT {Dec 2021} An Action Card Game Project!

This article describes an online card game based on the action genre that rewards the gamers with various gaming tokens. Read on Age of Gods NFT.

Are you interested in an action card game based on non-fungible tokens? If yes, please keep reading this article to know all the important information on the topic.

Card game fans from Brazil are excited about the interesting game that allows the players to earn tokens by participating in various gaming activities. There are multiple gaming modes from which a gamer can choose. The players get more rewards according to the effort put into this game. Read on Age of Gods NFT.

About Age Of Gods

Age Of Gods is an action card game from the Juego Game Studios that rewards the gamers with tokens to appreciate their valuable gaming activities and skills. In addition, there are different challenges and battle modes that help gamers achieve their goals.

The player can compete with other online players across the globe to increase their levels and points. The rewards can be sold to collect tokens. The gaming token is used to collect gaming NFTs. The tokens will be burned gradually to increase the value of the tokens circulating in the market.

Age of Gods NFT

  • The NFT based game is developed to mark the introduction of Juego Game Studios into the NFT space. The eight years of experience in the gaming industry with more than a billion game installs and development of more than two-hundred and fifty games give them a serious edge.
  • The new gamers are given multiple reward opportunities, and the value of reward helps to grow the community to a greater level.
  • The player also owns the assets present in the game that are received as the reward. The player can sell this gaming asset to other players using the tokens.

Benefits of Participation

  • Age of Gods NFT provides massive and consistent rewards for those associated with the development and growth of the token value and the community associated with the gaming project.
  • Play and earn methods help the players get a reward for every participation they make in the gaming platform regardless of the player profile.
  • Stake and earn is another feature provided to the users with gaming tokens. The staking facility helps to use the tokens received as a reward to generate a return based on a fixed lock-in period. Staking of tokens also increases the liquidity of the token. Read on Age of Gods NFT.
  •  The interest in staking varies with time and the lock-in period available.
  • There are also referral rewards. The reward encourages users to promote the token to new users, eventually strengthening the gaming community. A strong community is essential for developing and sustaining NFT based gaming platforms.


NFT based gaming projects had a massive gain in recent years as it has a high potential to reward their users with more tokens for their contribution to the gaming platform. To know more about this topic, please visit.

Have you purchased any NFTs similar to Age of Gods NFT? If yes, please comment below.

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