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Age of Knights NFT (Dec) Read Detailed Information!

If you are also willing to earn profits through NFT, this article about the Age of Knights NFT will help you find important facts. Read details.

What are NFts? How are these tokens beneficial for future investment? Is investing in NFTs a worthy deal? What is the Age of Knights?

This article below will explore the details for an NFT with its major hype in Spain, Columbia, Argentina, Venezuelam and Peru. In addition, the token is based on Play to Earn NFTs, leading to increased searches about whether the same is worth the investment.

Let’s scroll down the details in this article about Age of Knights NFT to get basic facts for this website, revealing its authenticity.

What is the Age of Knights?

Age of Knights is a metaverse designed with Play to Earn NFT, which aims to provide all its users with a fun experience. All they need to do is collect the ships and knights and complete their ride on the metaverse to search out for $GEM. The gem is a mineral that further allows players to live another day with some profits.

What is the aim behind Age of Knights?

While scrolling down the details for Age of Knights NFTwe have discovered that the token is launched to be the greatest metaverse game on the platform of blockchain, allowing players to enjoy the experience of being the part of a vast universe, earn $GEM and run over the thrill of strategic gameplay.

Compatibility of the Game:

Therefore, the game is developed on the platform is Binance Smart Chain and is also compatible with multiple web3 wallets, including MetaMask, which is further known to pay the gas fees and accept other transactions.

MetaMask wallet can easily be downloaded in your browser extensions or launched as an application on your devices.

Age of Knights NFT Event Details:

After the token has been launched for public sale, people and the buyers for the same are looking out for its event details. The token will therefore be running two rounds for the legion sales. These will increase the parity between the legendary and epic, leading to the creation of only 500 over the metaverse.

What are the Rewards for the Event?

Oracle was launched as the reward for this game. The developers have developed an oracle with the claims that it will ensure the same winning no matter what the price for the token is.

The purpose of Oracle’s launch as the reward for Age of Knights NFT is to balance the $USD payments that are further obtained through $GEM.

What Does the Roadmap of This Token Say?

According to the roadmap data fetched from this website, the platform has launched its social media platform and the website, published its whitepaper, defined the game’s art, and is planning for the private token sale, public token sale, hire more staff, audit token and Coin Gecko Listing.

Final Verdict:

Age of Knights is the one-of-a-kind token launched with Oracle as their reward. No matter what the price for the token is, players winning for Age of Knights NFT will remain the same as earned on the first day. Official Website of Age of Knights will help you fetch all the important facts.

Have you invested in Age of Knights yet? Please share your comments in the section below.

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