Ags (Jan 2021) Is It Real?

Ags (Jan 2021) Is It Real? >> Do you want to get an amazing Among Us theme? Then, check put the post below.    

Are you a crazy and big fan of among us? Don’t you think it would be cool if you could set an Among Us theme to your smartphone, be it iOS or Android? 

Today we are talking about an online website Ags, which lets you download an among us theme for your phone. It can be accessed by anyone from anywhere be it Mongolia or United States.

Are you wondering whether what actual steps are to be followed for downloading the theme? Or is it safe to download the APK file from this website? Do not worry because we are here to your rescue. We will be telling you everything about this website in this very article. 

What is Among Us?

Among us is an amazing free to play online game. It was launched by inner slot in 2018. The game comes in single and multiplayer mode. You can play on local or online network through this game. Ags provides you the phone theme based on this game.

The crew mates have to fill up the taskbar by completing various tasks displayed on their screens. The imposter fakes an identity of a crewmate that is, he fakes that he is completing tasks of the team but rather he has the only mission to kill the crew mates. The crew mate must be cautious of other players.

There is a chat system available in the game to discuss about various things. However, there is no inbuilt voice chat mode in this game. Players use various third-party applications for enabling proximity voice chat. 

What is Ags

It is nothing but an online website that helps you download a very beautiful among us theme on your phone. As for the photo displayed on the website, once you activate the theme, all the app icons would be displayed as an among us character with the respective skin colour and a little logo. The background will show outer space with black colour and white stars all over it. 

The steps for downloading the theme are as follows-

  • First choose your region. 
  • Choose your type of smartphone. 
  • Then choose your downloading server. 
  • Complete a survey for quick verification. 

Once you select the server and click download, you will be directed to the verification page. However, there is no actual survey displayed on it. It always shows that the page is “checking completion”.

Is the website legit and safe to use?

The website Ags is very suspicious. The verification page never displays any survey for whatsoever time you wait. The website has registered on 29 November 2020. Websites with such recent registration are most of the time not legit and are unsafe to use. 

Neither is there any owner information nor any contact details as given on the website. Therefore, we believe that the site is a scam and totally unsafe to use. 

Customer Reviews:

We could not find any user review of the website. This may be happening because the website is not popular and recently registered. And if you have used the website. 

Final verdict:

The talk the website claims to help you download an amazing among us theme for your smartphone. All you have to do is follow the mentioned steps to download the theme from the website. But do remember that we do not find Ags as an authentic website. So, be very careful while using it for the download.

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