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Ahmaud Arbery Fox News {May} Is He Dead?

Ahmaud Arbery Fox News {May} Is He Dead? -> This article brings you the point of views of both, an ordinary citizen and government officials, on the murder case of Ahmaud Arbery.

Ahmaud Arbery Fox News tells us that the video has been a crucial piece of information for the officials in their investigation. The video was released on 5 May 2020.

A 25-year old young black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was killed in Georgia after an encounter with two white Americans, Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son, Travis McMichael, 34, while Ahmaud was out on a short jog in his neighbourhood.

This tragic incident took place on 23 February in Satilla Shores, Georgia in the United State, but it grabbed attention only recently post sharing the video showcasing the shooting.

According to BBC news, Vic Reynolds, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (G.B.I) director, declines all the media claims of officials’ incompetency to arrest the murderers. He clears the air by saying that the video is compelling evidence. Soon after the release of the video, the criminals were charged with the assault.

Who is Ahmaud Arbery?

Ahmaud Arbery was a 25-year old black man living in the U.S. with his family. He was a former high school football player and was a person with a heart bigger than life as expressed by his father, Marcus Arbery.

Key Points to note on the murder of Ahmaud Arbery:

  • A black man was killed by two white men on 23 February 2020
  • The incident took place in Satilla Shores, Georgia while the man was jogging in the vicinity of his home.
  • The arrest was made after 74 days on 6 May 2020
  • It drew national attention when a 36-second clip was released on 5 May 2020
  • The victim’s 26th Birthday was on 7 May 2020
  • The online supporters have started a campaign named #IRunWithMaud all over the country in remembrance of the day he died.

Why does the incident matter to the U.S.A.?

The two white men, the McMichaels, confronted the young man while he was jogging on 23 February 2020, assuming he was one of the suspects involved in local burglaries. And moments later pulled out a gun to shoot him.

Although the officials had all the witnesses they required, it took them 74 days to press charges on the murderers. Fox News raises a question if it was the authority’s ineptitude or was utterly intentional that lead to a delayed jurisdiction.

The lawyer fighting for the justice called it incompetency of the officials of the Bureau and asked if the prosecution would have been delayed in case the situation was reversed.

He claims that racism plays a significant role in this matter.

As per the Washington Post magazine, this incident brought a wave of revolution in the minds of Americans all over the country. There were rallies carried out in the state of Georgia to share condolences with the demised and his family.

People ran an online campaign named #IRunWithMaud and dedicated their 2.23 miles’ jogs to show their support, by posting pictures on social media.

Personal Life of Ahmaud Arbery:

Ahmaud Arbery was a happy person and a football player at Brunswick High School. His daily regime included sports activities and jogging. 

He was a beloved son of the father, Marcus Arber and mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones. His father told CNN that he was a perfect young man and his heart was always in the right place.

He would have been celebrating his 26th Birthday on 7 May 2020. His mother told that he graduated in 2012 and attended South Georgia Technical College. He was now working to be an electrician.

Public views on the incident:

Not only Black Americans but also White Americans show their grief over the tragic death of a young man following his daily routine.

 The network channel on the NYTimes tells us that people took it as a personal loss and rallied in front of Glynn County courthouse to demand justice on his supposedly 26th Birthday.

Despite the arrest of the murderers, the protestors expressed their anguish by saying that it was a racial issue more than anything.






After reviewing the public opinions and statements of officials, released by media networks, we can reasonably conclude that the issue was blown out of proportion.

The video evidence was shared online in May, and soon after the murder charges were pressed. However, one might wonder if it was a result of prominent activists and celebrities urging action.

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