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Aincrad Adventures Trello {Dec} An Amazing Game Update!

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In this post, we have discussed a newly launched Roblox game named Aincrad Adventure and the Aincrad Adventures Trello page.

Are you looking for new game releases on Roblox? Would you like to know more about a new dreamy adventure game on Roblox? If yes, tune into the post. 

A new Roblox game named Aincrad Adventure got released recently. Many people in the United States are looking for the game’s Trello list. So, in this post, we discuss Aincrad Adventures Trello

About Trello 

Trello is a website based Kanban-style collection app built by Atlassian subsidiary Trello Enterprises. It was founded in 2011 at Fog Creek Software, and in 2014 it was split off to form the core of a new business in New York City, which was sold to Atlassian in 2017.

Users may construct task lists with various columns and drag & drop jobs among them. Task categories including To Do, In Progress, and Done are commonly included in rows. Real estate administration, software system management, classroom bulletin boards, accountancy, website design & gaming are just some of the uses for the programme.

Before knowing more about Aincrad Adventures Trello, let us know about Roblox on which Aincrad Adventures is released. 

What is Roblox? 

This is a game development platform created by the Corporation named Roblox. It help users to create games and play games produced by others. Roblox is a free to play gaming platform featuring in-game purchases made with Robux, a virtual currency. Roblox began to grow fast in the second part of the 2010s, and also the COVID-19 epidemic has supported its expansion. With over $2.29 billion in sales, it surpassed Tencent’s PUBG & Honor of Kings as the third highest-grossing video game of 2020.

Before knowing Aincrad Adventures Trello, you should know about Aincrad Adventure. 

About Aincrad Adventures 

Aincrad Adventures, an SAO based RPG largely influenced by SAO. Follow the creators’ Twitter accounts for sneak peeks, easter eggs, & codes. Codes are introduced to the game at random and often don’t function after 2 hours, so users will lose out if they don’t pay attention. To utilise codes, users must be a part of the group.

Sword Art Online inspired this game, which has original words by Reki Kawahara, graphics by abec, and distribution by ASCII Media Works. As well as Alicization Lycoris from Sword Art Online. All of the game’s audio tracks are unique to it.

Aincrad Adventures Trello 

Trello is one of the largest platforms to get game-related task lists and other updates on various games. On Trello, there are tons of game task lists. Each game has its own page where users can find sections such as a To-do list, Work in progress list, Concept list, and many more. 

As Aincrad Adventure is a newly released game, currently, there are no Trello pages available. We will provide updates in upcoming posts. 


Aincrad Adventure seems to be an awesome game with dreamy aesthetics. We hope the game lives up to its hype. Visit the official Aincrad Adventure page to play the game

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