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The article provides information about Alexander the Great Moon Knight. Read the full article to know about the role of Alexander in the Moon Knight series.

Are you also a huge fan of Moon Knight? Did you see episode 4? Moon knight is a popular mini-series released on 30 March 2022 Worldwide. The fourth episode of the series was released recently, in which Alexander the great was introduced. The fans are confused and wonder about the show’s link and the ancient king.

Let’s know why Alexander the Great Moon Knight appeared in the show.

Role of Alexander in Moon Knight

In the fourth episode, Layla and Marc found the Ammit’s Tomb with Knonshu’s power. Before Start and Arthur find the Ammit’s Ushabti, Marc and Layla reach the Tomb. Marc didn’t show much interest in the history of Egypt, but Steven was keenly interested.

Steven looked at the scriptures of Macedonian on the sarcophagus and understood the Tomb in front of him was of Alexander the Great. He opened the sarcophagus of Alexander and realised that Alexander was Ammit’s voice. After this, he discovered that Ammit’s Ushabti was hidden in king Alexander’s body. He found the Ushabti in the king’s throat.

The Alexander Great Tomb

Alexander’s body was later buried in the Alexander Tomb in Alexandria. Alexander died on 10 June 323 BC. Before Alexander’s was taken to Macedonia it was stolen by Ptolemy I Soter and brought to Memphis. The body remained in Memphis till Ptolemy II Philadelphus sent it to Alexandria.

The Tomb is being destroyed due to natural disasters and wars. There is not much physical evidence that could show the body is still in Alexandria. In 2021, the Egyptian officials declared that they had located the body in Siwa Oasis. The story of the Tomb is explained in Alexander the Great Moon Knight.

The Moon Knight series

The Moon Knight series is based on Marvel Comics. Its genre is fantasy, psychological horror, action- adventure and genre. The series stars the popular TV actors Oscar Isaac, F. Murray Abraham, Antonia Salib, May Calamawy, Ethan Hawke, David Ganly, Gaspard Ulliel, Ann Akinjirin and Khalid Abdalla.

Episode four of the Moon Knight was released a few days back. The episode features the role of Alexander, the great king. The great king Alexander is also a part of the MCU universe. His name is known as Alexander of Macedonia.

Alexander the Great Moon Knight became suspenseful in the Marvel Knight mini series. Steven found the Ammit’s Ushabti in Alexander’s throat after he realised the Ammit’s voice was Alexander only.


The concept behind the appearance of Alexander the Great in the Marvel Knight film is explained in the article. Many fans were searching for Alexander’s link to the film after the role of the great king was introduced. Later, Steven found the Ushabti of Ammit in the throat of Alexander. You can visit this link to know more about Alexander Tomb. 

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