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Allstar Happy Review [July] Is it a Possible Scam Site?

Allstar Happy Review 2020
Allstar Happy Review [July] Is it a Possible Scam Site? -> In this article, get to know about the cool scooters and workout products at substantial discounts.

Are you an outdoor person? Do you lie checking out Electric Scooters? Head towards

People nowadays have a craze for two things, one is fitness, and the other is outdoor fun. To stay fit, you need adequate exercise equipment and to enjoy the outside fun, you require a trendy scooty! 

This online store is mainly meant for such people. From Smart Foldable treadmill to the Doubleseats Electric Scooter, the website has its all.

Nowadays, to avoid fraudulence, the customers need to be very much sure about the Allstar Happy Review before heading towards the shopping.

As people become busy in the sedentary lifestyle, it becomes challenging to trust what and what not. The scammers have been highly clever and such kind of frauds are increasing day by day in the Philippines too.

No doubt, this online store has excellent display picture with the attractive prices of each product; you need to relax for a while. Nowadays, its time to be a smart and wise customer. One can fell prey to the false online store, if not cross appropriately checked.

Therefore in this article, we will review the specifications, pros, cons, Allstar Happy Review of the website to understand that Is All-Star Happy Legit or not?

So let’s proceed further and understand its thick and thin in detail.

What is

It is an online store that consists of the various products like All-Electric Tilting Trike Scooter, Multifunctional Modern Royal Leather Bed, Smart Electric Foldable Treadmill, Smart Off-road Hoverboard etc. One of the most confusing prices is of this Smart Off-Road Hoverboard, so its makes this site quite suspicious! =

Its too good to be true. On clicking on this product, the price is mentioned, i.e. Rs 0. Moreover, other products too have massive discounts on each product, which can raise a lot of eyebrows among the buyers. Customer Reviews are also nil, and no previous experience of the buyers can be figured out.

Shipping duration is according to the period. Also, the refund policy is a 30-day return policy. The website has mentioned the returned email too. So let’s proceed further to know more about the site. 

Specifications of

  • Products: Electric Scooter, treadmill etc
  • Email
  • Shipping Duration: Varies according to the location
  • Return Policy: 30-day return policy
  • Method of Payment: online

Pros of buying products from

  • The products have substantial discounts.
  • The fitness equipment looks good in the display picture and has promising characteristics.
  • The return policy looks feasible.

Cons of buying products from

  • The mode of payment is online, which can be risky for many customers.
  • The website has nil customer rating.
  • The discounts offered are too good to be true.
  • The domain age is very recent and therefore makes it a bit untrustworthy.
  • The website is not at all popular among the audience.

Is Allstar Happy Legit?

The customers usually get trapped by massive discounts and excellent display pictures. But the characteristics of the website and the customer reviews indicates that this website is a scam and they are just trying to fool people with attractive discounts. 

No customer rating and deficient traffic volume say it all! This website is thus not legit at all.

What are people saying about

The product does not have previous feedback or the experiences by the customers. The rating is nil, and therefore the website is quite suspicious. We tried to search on other search engines as well, but it has low traffic volume. 

The domain age is too recent and was created just six months ago, which is a bad sign. The trust score also is deficient as it has no ratings by the buyers. Therefore this website has no reviews on any of the social media pages or not on the site. 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, taking a look at the entire scenario, it can be said that the website is not trustworthy at all. The domain age is highly young as it was created just six months ago; also, the specifications, pros and cons mainly highlight that the website is just trying to fool people. 

The low prices of the product make a lot of question come in one’s mind. Also, the absence of the customer service, phone number and the address is a negative sign in context with the website.

Thus online buyers are surely not recommended to buy the products from here as there is a risk of losing money on this online store. Therefore the website is a scam and please do not invest money here!


  1. I came across this website a minute ago and found out the same things. So, I tried to google feedback from the site but found none. Other sites like this offer COD so you don’t worry about being scammed. But this one only offers online payment, it’s kind of shady. Thanks for your post.

    1. We are happy to get your feedback here, and you may take help from official website for more information about this site and know the payment mode option more. Thank to being connecting us.

    2. انه موقع احتيال انا تمت سرقتي من هذا الموقع ..وذلك عند شراء آله المشي ودفعت المبلغ عبر الإنترنت…والان لدي ٣ اشهر لم استلم طلبي ولم يتم الرد علي رسالتي….انهم محتالون …محتالون …محتالون

  2. I have loose 4250/- rs on this site. I ordered treadmill. And after two days I cannot open this site.
    And now I don’t knows how to make it refund it
    Shyam saini

      1. I also bought now it’s more than 2 month and no contact Even I sent multiple emails no revert guide what I can do

  3. I normally successfully received ordered items from ads in IG EXCEPT FOR THIS ONE. I have placed an order right away (foldable treadmill worth 2k+) but come to check site review after as I have paid online. Thanks to your review – I have panicked and requested immediately my credit card be cancelled as it appears to be a SCAM.

    The process seems to be normal – with confirmation of order via email, with reply when you do the 1st follow up saying its in process and waiting for courier to advise the tracking number. For 2nd follow up, the same email response you would receive. For 3rd and up follow through, no reply anymore.

  4. I habe ordered and paid the allstarhappy treadmill about 4 weeks ago. Unable to contact them as their websites are down

  5. Quisiera saber la situacion de mi pedido , This is a follow-up to your previous request #3158 “Re: Order #6676 confirmed”

  6. So ALLSTARHAPPY is a scam I ordered 2 treadmill machine 1 month ago couldn’t trase my order I already paid with my credit card. Any advise

  7. All Star should be a scam, although professionally after purchase and payment , they will send a confirmation email and to receive my order 2-6 weeks. Its been more than 2 months no reply from all my 5 emails to them. So don’t get caught like me for cheap stuff but at the end we do not get our stuff and the money is gone. Such times like this with so much unsurety, people will go at such length to cheat people. Its’ sad

  8. All Star should be a scam, although professionally after purchase and payment , they will send a confirmation email and to receive my order 2-6 weeks. Its been more than 2 months no reply from all my 5 emails to them. So don’t get caught like me for cheap stuff but at the end we do not get our stuff and the money is gone. Such times like this with so much unsurety, people will go at such length to cheat people. Its’ sad

  9. Compré una caminadora electrica hace como 3 meses y aun no me la envian, he mandando varios correos y no responden, es un fraude

  10. Thanks for your purchase!

    This email is to confirm your order on 06/28/2020. Your order number is 3577. Your item(s) will be dispatched soon.
    Remember due to Coronavirus outbreak some products can take 2-6 weeks to arrive which varies depending on the customs of your country as each package goes through a screening process so please be patient, they will arrive!
    If you have ordered multiple different items, they may be sent separately.i also had but

  11. I’ve been waiting three months for goods that didn’t arrive 😤🤯🤬. Where is my goods? I request a refund !!!!

  12. If All star Happy is a fraud website then why their owners are not caught till now i was ordered folding treadmill but they respond one time that due to Covid it is late for two three weeks but then after many reminders i got no response. I need either refund or my ordered things

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