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Aloha Shop Specials Reviews {Dec} Is It Legit Site?

Aloha Shop Specials Reviews 2020

Aloha Shop Specials Reviews {Dec} Is It Legit Site? >> If you get attracted to a well-designed website, read to know one, selling unique & cheap products.

The article is on ‘Aloha Shop Specials Reviews.’ In the e-commerce industry, many fake websites are running and selling fashion products, clothing, accessories, home decor products, and many more. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the legitimacy status of the websites. 

This article will share information on a website from the United States that sells unique product tools that are not available anywhere. You will find that the website design is unique and products like measuring tools, sneakers clock, and Christmas bells, are available on the website.

Read the entire article to know the customer reviews and the registration date of the website below and to know about the products, essential factors, and ‘Is Aloha Shop Specials Legit’ or not. 

What is Aloha Shop Specials?

Aloha shop specials is similar to other e-commerce websites selling fashion products and home decor products of latest trends. On the website, you will find very few products, but they are unique. 

The product items include 3D snake o’clock with 12 mini sneakers, aluminum measuring tool, Christmas bells, toys, crystal ring, marker pens, calendars, nail kit, leggings, and portable washing machine. On the second page of the products, you will find only a Christmas hot sale Santa ornament. These are the only products available on the website.

As per ‘Aloha Shop Specials Reviews,’ the ‘about us’ column on the website claims to provide unique tools for the customers, and it says that all the tools will make the garden chorus easy and fun. When you visit the product section, you will notice no such products available, as mentioned in the about as column.

There is a separate section on the refund policy, return policy, shipping, and delivery. To know more about the website and its legitimacy status, keep reading the article.

Specifications of the website:

  • Website Type: Multi-purpose store
  • Website link:
  • Shipping: The product shipping is there within 2-4 weeks.
  • Returns: You can ask for returns within three days of delivery.
  • Social Media Presence: You will not find any ‘Aloha Shop Specials Reviews.’
  • Email address: There is no information available.
  • Registration Date: 9th  September 2020

Pros of the website

  • The website is selling a few unique products. 
  • The design of the website is fantastic and different from other sites.
  • The delivery of the items will take place within two weeks internationally.
  • On special occasions and holidays, you can avail of the free shipping offer.

Cons of the website

  • The ‘about us’ column and the products available on the website do not match. 
  • There are only a few products available on the website for sale.
  • The domain age of the website is only two months old.
  • As per the ‘Aloha Shop Specials Reviews,’ the website is not very popular and has less traffic. 
  • The content available on the website is not engaging, and you will not find the website on any social media.

Is the website legit?

It is essential to know about the website’s legitimacy status, as there are many fake websites in the United States. To find the website’s legal status, we researched and realized that the website is only two months old and has less traffic.   

Other suspicious points are that the website content does not match with the products available on the website. There is no email address or contact number available on the website to connect with the customer service. 

Thus, we can conclude that answer to ‘Is Aloha Shop Specials Legit’ is no. The website is not legal and is a scam. All the readers must stay away from the website to protect themselves from digital frauds.

What do the customers want to say?

The website is two months old; therefore, we do not find the website’s presence on any social media. The study results say that no customer reviews are available anywhere on the web or any blogs. Also, there is no separate section of customer reviews on the website.  


The final line is that the website sells a few products in different categories, and the website is not arranged correctly. As per the ‘Aloha Shop Specials Reviews,’ the website is selling hardly 10 to 15 products from different fields, and the information available on the website does not match with the consequences.

There is a lack of information about the company owner, address, contact number, and email, and therefore we can say that the website is not legit. 

We recommend all the users stay away from the website and share your thoughts on the comments section review.

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  1. I purchased the Nike clock with the shoes all around it , no confirmation of payment , no shipping info and my bank statement listed Oneiba , not Aloha Store as where the payment went. I believe it to be a fake site and a scam . Also 2 other random transactions listed as International for a few bucks , which I assume is that company since I rarely ever purchase items online

  2. OMG, I ordered the mini shoe clock(2) and its been 2 months and nothing, no response from these asshole, I guess I just chop it up as a 47.00 lose.

  3. I was scammed out of 4$42.00 from these people when I thought I was ordering the Sneaker Clock (two). What s shame.

  4. It seems this site is a scam, since there are so many complaints and post about this company. I as well have order the same Air Jordan clock on 11/11/200 and today the package has not arrived and the tracking information ends after the tracking indicates the package was delivered. But the the carrier in the USA is not mentioned at all after it arrives in the USA. I have used to find out the status of international deliveries and it shows the information about the package.

    Hopefully helpful.
    Stay Healthy and Safe

  5. I bought the Clock as well and got a conformation and tracking number. I followed the tracking number and it finally said delivered, but nothing came. I was even home that whole day. No delivery. I emailed and they just said “Please wait.” DON’T BUY FORM THEM

  6. I recently ordered a mini Jordan shoe clock from this website. I have not received any type of confirmation from these people not have I received my product. I am definitely starting to believe this company is a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SCAM ARTIST COMPANY!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME/ MONEY/ OR ENERGY!!! WISH I WOULD’VE READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE WASTING MY MONEY.. WHAT A RIP OFF!!!

  7. I placed an order for the clock 11-7-2020 and still nothing I email multiple times and no response I did get a tracking number and when I checked on it all it will say in transit now Tyne dang thing is saying expired

  8. I have had the same experience. Ordered in November and they took my payment, plus international fees. Three months later still no product. I have emailed several times with no response. Does anyone know how to report this company? They can’t keep getting away with this!

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