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Altice Mobile Reviews [May] Is It Legit Seller Or Not?

Altice Mobile Reviews 2020

Altice Mobile Reviews [May] Is It Legit Seller Or Not? -> In this article, you get to know about a mobile network provider that operates virtually and offers excellent offers.

How many mobile network operators do you use? Now check out Alticemobile. 

We came across numerous Altice mobile reviews online. And, as it is our goal to keep our readers informed about new services, today we’re sharing essential information about this site. 

Currently, this site is popular in the United State. Many mobile users are switching from their current service providers to Alticemobile. 

If you are interested in availing amazing unlimited mobile service offers, then Altice mobile is perfect for you. Read on to know more. 

What is Alticemobile?

Alticemobile is the mobile service provided by Altice US. For $30 per month, customers get to avail of excellent offers such as unlimited calls, text, video streaming, data, etc. The site shares all the vital information with the visitors. Whether you want to find out about the plans offered by the service or their roaming features, you can quickly locate the information on the site. 

The site is easy to navigate, and there are plenty of frequently answered questions that customers can refer to for a better understanding of the service. The site primarily offers two plans, one for Optimum & Suddenlink customers and another for the non-customers of these services. 

Specifications of Altice mobile:

  • There is unlimited call, text, and data for $30 per month. 
  • There is free international roaming at economical prices.
  • Nationwide mobile coverage. 
  • Two monthly plans are available for customers. 
  • It is a seamless connection with its fast and reliable WiFi hotspots. 

Benefits of Altice mobile:

  • You get reliable network coverage all over the country. 
  • You can enjoy unlimited text and call for a fixed price. 
  • You get unlimited data and video streaming. 

How to use Altice mobile? 

  • The process of signing up for Altice mobile services is quite straightforward.  
  • Just visit the site and check the service availability by entering your zip code.
  • Pick the plan that best suits your preferences.
  • Place and order and receive the sim after 2 business days. 

Is Alticemobile legit?

The site is SSL certified and updated regularly. The site shares proper information about their policies and plans. On the site, you can find plenty of details about their services. The site appears to be legit and trustworthy as it has mentioned all information on the site. 

Specifications of Alticemobile:

  • Website type – website of a mobile virtual network operator 
  • Plans – $20 per line for optimum & Suddenlink customers, $30 per line for non-optimum & Suddenlink customers
  • Number of lines – 5
  • Special savings – every line $20 per month
  • Supporting phones – iPhones (SE, 6, and above) and a few Samsung phones 
  • Sim card delivery – after 2 business days of placing the order
  • Coverage – Altice mobile coverage map includes 99% of the country 
  • WiFi Hotspots – available
  • International plans – available 

Pros of buying from Alticemobile:

  • You can avail of various exciting and money-saving offers.
  • You can enjoy unlimited data.
  • The service offers unlimited video streaming. 
  • You can cancel the service anytime. 
  • The service lets you enjoy unlimited international perks. 
  • You can transfer your number from the existing network provider. 

Cons of buying from Alticemobile:

  • The service is limited to the people living in certain zip codes.
  • The service lets you use your unlocked device on the condition that you provide the IMEI (international mobile equipment identity).
  • There is a limitation on the devices in which you can use this service. 
  • You have to pay a one-time activation fee. 

What are the customers saying about Alticemobile?

Altice mobile services have established a mark in the industry. We conducted a thorough search and found various customer reviews online. The majority of the reviews posted online are positive. Customers share how impressed they are with the services of Altice mobile phones

The reviews showcase customer satisfaction with the offers and services of the site. Most users share positive experiences about this site. They appear to be happy with the money-saving offers provided by Altice mobile. 

We came across a few negative reviews where customers appeared to be unimpressed with the site’s policy regarding unlocked devices. It is quite normal for mobile services to receive negative reviews. 

Final verdict 

Alticemobile has been around since 2019 and has managed to gain a customer base. The site is well arranged and easy to navigate. The site has an SSL certification, thereby ensuring data safety. The site shares clear information with the visitors. 

An interested customer can easily find all the required information about the plans and policies of this mobile service on the site. We highly suggest our readers to avail the services of Altice mobile to reap the rewards. With unlimited data and calls, this mobile service helps you save money. Go ahead and sign up for their service and do share your experiences with us.  

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  1. Altice Mobile is a scam. The service is WORTHLESS with almost no coverage and no customer support (THERE IS NO PHONE NUMBER AVAILABLE) They will lie and send you on wild goose chases when you try to cancel. This is a fraud. Don’t be sucked by the low price.

  2. Altice Mobile has cost me over $200 in time and unwarranted debits to my account for a SIM card that was not compatible with my phone. There is NO way to get a customer service or support person to help, either at Suddenling OR at Altice Mobile. I will be taking off work tomorrow, using MY hard earned PTO to go first to my bank to jack them back up, 2nd to the BBB to F>>> them up and 3rd to my lawyer to pay them back !!! I am livid and I warn you, do NOT use Altice Mobile. It is better to pay a little more and have a human at your disposal should you need one. This is ridiculous. Horrible experience, VERY BAD customer service, actually there is NO such thing as customer service. They lie, they steal and they are a scam.

  3. I fully agree. This is the most lame company on the planet, their help line is time wasting and useless. The service agents are dishonest and disinterest, Do not I repeat do not use this company for your mobile service.

  4. This company is a fraud stay away be where I have cancelation numbers from the robots that I have text because they will not let you talk to a human suddenlink will tell you they are not affiliated with it but stay away from this company!

  5. I signed my wife up for Altice in 2019. Disregarding some hickup with account opening, related to the poor customer service, the phone works fine, the combined Sprint and AT&T networks give broad coverage and we are saving $60 per month over comparable mobile contracts.
    It is a no-brainer for people who do not switch phones all the time and may need frequent customer service.

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