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Alycandy com Reviews [2020] Is It Scam or Not?

Alycandy com Reviews 2020

Alycandy com Reviews [2020] Is It Scam or Not? -> In this article, we review, an online store that sells graphic t-shirts. You get to read about all the relevant details of this website, like its advantages and disadvantages and several other information.

Are you looking for printed graphic t-shirts or other clothing at affordable prices? Alycandy is the right place for that. Get your hands on the latest designs and trends on Alycandy at reasonable prices. 

Alycandy Review 

Printed graphic t-shirts have become quite common these days. You’ll often see youngsters wearing them. Just like every clothing material in the market, printed t-shirts are also a part of the latest trends.

According to Reviews, this online store sells the latest prints and designs at affordable prices.

Currently, this website is trending in the United States, where it has gained a significant amount of popularity and gets moderate traffic on its website.

It always keeps itself up-to-date with all the latest designs and trends, so it’s users do not miss out on anything. The website assures that its products are of premium quality.

But before you decide to buy from this website, let us look at all the other essential details of this website. What are the shipping prices? What are its return policies? And the most important question of all – Is legit?

What is Alycandy? is an online store that sells printed t-shirts. They offer several designs and prints. Alycandy calls itself an online boutique.

If you like graphic t-shirts and like wearing all the latest prints, then Alycandy will prove very helpful. Its pricing is also affordable. 

But before you go ahead and place an order from this website, let’s take a look at the other details of the site. Is legit?  Let us tell you more about this site, as mentioned below.

Specifications of Elishops:

  • Website- printed graphic t-shirts
  • Email-
  • Address- 11606 Regency drive, Potomac AL 20854, United States
  • Shipping time- within 4-7 business days ($6.95 shipping charge), free delivery over 50$. (within the US)
  • Delivery time- 7-10 business days (worldwide delivery)
  • Returns- an item to be returned within seven days of receiving the order.
  • Exchange-  It applies to a majority of items.
  • Refund- It happens in 3-5 business days after receiving the returned order.
  • Payment- Debit Card/ Credit Card/ PayPal

Is Alycandy legit?

Alycandy has been around for some time and has gained a significant amount of popularity in the United States. The site is well maintained. All the necessary information like contact no, email and address have been provided on the website. 

All this information leads us to believe that the website is not a scam and is authentic.

So, is legit. It is not a scam. 

Pros of buying from Alycandy:

  • All the latest designs and trends are available.
  • Items are available at affordable prices.
  • It provides worldwide delivery.
  • A refund applies to a majority of items.
  • All the designs are comfortable and are of premium quality.

Cons of buying from Alycandy:

  • It charges for shipping on orders below $50.
  • Delivery outside of the US is expensive and time taking.
  • You have to bear the cost of returning the defective item to the provided address.
  • People living outside of the US may find it expensive.

What are the customers saying about  Alycandy?

Customer reviews are not available on this website. It does not allow it’s customers to share their reviews and opinions on a product.

But you can use other platforms to know the experiences of the customers who have bought from this website.

It was slightly tricky to find customer responses to this website, confirming that the site is not very well known.

A majority of the customers were satisfied with the quality of the products they received.

Some complained that the print fades over time and becomes weak. Some complained about the expensive shipping charges of the website. 

However, of the few responses we were able to collect, a majority of them were in favor of the website.

Final Verdict

Alycandy offers all the latest trends and designs at a reasonable price. The website is well maintained and is easy to use. Shopping from this website is secure. 

It has all the essential information like address, email, and contact no on its website. So we have reason to believe that the site is legit. Alycandy is not a scam.

It provides premium quality items at affordable prices. It offers worldwide delivery, but the shipping charges are expensive. Even within the US, they provide free delivery only over orders of 50$ or above.

The site allows the return and exchange of a majority of its items. 

We suggest our users take a leap of faith and buy from this website if they do not mind the shipping charges. It’d be most appropriate to purchase the items in bulk to avoid delivery charges. It is safe to buy from Alycandy.


    1. I received my products today. I’m pleased. It took longer than usually. Receive on June 2nd,2020 here in Apopka Fl. Just need to the customers on updates, that would help.

  1. Not only is this company scamming people, but they have actually created similar Google searches like this one, as if they are investigating scammers. I googled “Is Aly Candy a Scam” to find this forum, but I also found a few others that are talking up Aly Candy….some with broken English. What is even worse is when you comment on these sites, the comments disappear “waiting approval”. Then they never post the comments. Anytime I’ve seen a site like the one I’m on now, they always post public comments. It’s so bizarre that they are scamming us by being in a scam site themselves. I hope that makes sense. Anyway, their website looks completely legit, but has no phone number or address attached to it. I fell for it unfortunately! They will give you a tracking number eventually (if you ask), but the destination isn’t even my address. They clearly have my address in my order. They are posing as an American website, but clearly foreign with all the broken English when they repond to my emails. All they are doing is stalling me.

    1. I ordered from them and although it took a little time for delivery due to Covid delays (about 2 weeks) I received my items, they are nice, good quality and I am happy with the company. They also communicated via email with order updates. They ARE NOT a scam. I did a lot of research, they are US based and ship from NY. The photos of products and models I have seen on other sites but ALL of those ship from over seas.

    2. Agreed! They have only replied to one of many emails saying they mailed my masks, ordered on 5/17. Still don’t show as shipped and said they can’t refund my money because they did send them out. I’m reporting them to BBB, don’t waste your money!

      1. Yes. They need to pay attention to who ships their items. They take no responsibility and neither does the shipping company.

  2. I ordered a shirt that was to big (my fault) and was told they do not do exchanges if it isn’t their fault. I was not happy with the quality. It is a silky material but in picture it looks like a tee shirt and is called a tee shirt. I have ordered five before I knew they were blouses and not tee shirts. I will not order again

  3. This is the second time I’ve been scammed. The first one was though Amazon. Thank goodness I filed a claim & got my $ back.
    Unfortunately I fell for this company. I’ve been trying to get a mask because of the covid19 and am having terrible luck & horrified that people are out there stealing $. I hate that this “so called” company
    Has my cc.

    1. I was scammed twice through Amazon and over seas companies. Researched Alycandy and I got my masks yesterday shipped from NY it took a little over 2 weeks but arrived and they are nice good quality masks. I am very happy with them.

    2. I had issues with this company too. I ordered PIG FACE mask from them and they sent me a half finished cat mask, and I HATE CATS> They are insisting on me sending them a picture to prove to them. I can’t find an address and suspect they are foreign, cause it takes so long for them to answer my emails and their English is well, stilted…..Do not buy from them!

  4. I ordered several masks from Alycandy because they looked so attractive on Facebook. But my bank called to say that it was a store in Singapore that processed the credit card charges. When I looked again on Facebook I see the same masks being advertized by several other “psuedo-company” names with the same URL. Sadly, this does appear to be a scam.

  5. I ordered mine on 4/26/20. Just received them today 5/12/20. Exactly as advertised. Very. Cute! material is soft fabric. Several layer s thick. Much better than a handkerchief!

  6. I too got scammed. I ordered plain cotton masks and printed ones. I only received cheap white cotton ones that are way too big and loose to wear, and NEVER received printed ones. I sent a couple of inquiries via mail. Only thing I received was their copy of shipment record. Total scheme.

  7. I ordered a mask during covid 19, it look nice and attractive in Facebook when I received the package, I was very disappointed 😔 😔😔. Very cheap materials and charge me so much. This company scammed and deceiving. I got scammed 2x . I will not ever buy this company again.

  8. I ordered and received these masks after a bit more than a 3 week waiting period. I received what I ordered. The material is soft and multi-layered (even with a pocket for a filter) and they are useable, but they would be better with tighter elastic around the ears to hold the mask to my face. Bottom line: I would skip these. I’ve seen more adequate homemade masks for $5.

  9. Masks are great – customer service stinks! If they get your order wrong , don’t expect them to fix it.

  10. Very unreliable. It’s been over two weeks and I still haven’t received any merchandise. I’m assuming it’s coming from China because I only live a couple of hundred miles away. It couldn’t possibly take this long to ship from LA

  11. I was scammed, spent $150 and was sent emails saying my packages were delivered, never were. Was on USPS service line for over an hour trying to sort it out. Strange that DHL and USPS would be involved with tracking numbers and nothing. Listed in BBB for $3000 scam in Boston area. Will be putting out the word!

  12. How can it be legit? I ordered 2 masks. Never arrived. Contacted them. They won’t respond. This clearly appears to be a scam.

  13. I just received my shipment from alycandycom and was incredibly pleased with the products I ordered. for the masks and t-shirt it came in a very timely manner I have no complaints and am very happy and will order from them again.

  14. I believe this is a total scam! They did not ship my order, I kept telling them to cancel and refund my money but they refuse & said only if it doesn’t ship in time. It hasn’t shipped in time, I reported them to the BBB & requested that my cc cancel the payment so they wrote back that the order was lost (bs) and are shipping it again! I told them again to cancel and refund the orer!! If you look enough online there are plenty of other cases like mine 🙁 wish I had dug a bit deeper before giving them my money!

  15. I waited 3 weeks to receive my face masks, and they never arrived. I tried emailing alycandy but never got a response. I finally filed a dispute with my bank to get my money back. I had a hassel and still no masks.

  16. It’s a scam!!!! I ordered several face masks on their site they Charged my credit card and I never received the order issued a DHL tracking number immediately after 17 days of waiting for the item to be received by DHL at several cost DHL of them telling me that the item was never sent to them or scanned in their system that the seller issued the tracking number but never shipped out the product. Ironically someone is assigned to immediately respond to comments at Alycandy website to tell me that it’ll take approximately 21 days instead of 3 to 4 business days for the item to be received this is totally a scam. Don’t Get fooled by the fact that When they respond to you telling you that at all it’s being produced by the warehouse it’ll be shipped in 3 to 4 days 3 to 4 days will pass it’ll be shipped in another 21 days it’s a scam

  17. I would not order from this company. After weeks of waiting, I had to contact the company to get an order confirmation and tracking number. After an additional month, the tracking order started showing up as invalid. After another two weeks of trying to contact the company, emails are unanswered – and no refund appears to be coming. Maybe not a scam, but certainly a poor customer experience. Serves me right for ordering from a company I had not heard of.

  18. I would never order from this company again. I ordered face masks on May 26th and still have not gotten them. They say they have shipped twice but each tracking number seems to be invalid as both times it shows it was picked up and taken to a USPS location and never leaves. They are a SCAM and I WOULD NEVER ORDER FROM THEM AGAIN. I CAN’T GET MY MONEY BACK FROM THEM EITHER. RIP OFF

  19. The masks that they make are too thick to breathe through and the t-shirts are a shiny polyester material. They are cheap and shiny looking. There is no return info or receipts in the bag.

  20. My face masks arrived today with no invoice/receipt. Return address on pkg. was “Jhon Doe” (note misspelling) in Grand Prairie, Texas. No return info. included if not satisfied.

  21. Have ordered four times now and LOVE all the masks! Gave many to friends too and they loved them too. You can breathe through them…. I have to wear a mask almost over 8 hrs a day for work. Material is nice and the designs… well you can’t beat them! And washable in the machine and dryer too! Love the masks. Only issue is the length of time it takes to get them, as I am sure these are in high demand.

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