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Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review (August) Is It Legit?

Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review (August) Is It Legit? >> Please go through this article to know about a useful waist pouch and the authenticity of its brand.  

Are you looking for a trendy bag to match your outfits and hold all important items? Do you want to carry it with ease and fashion around your waist? Are belt bags your new collection? Then, check out this article to get what you are looking for. 

In this composition, we have talked about Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review, which the shoppers from various countries, like the United States and Canada, are presently searching. 

What Is Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag?

Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag is a pouch that can be carried on the shoulder and tied around the waist like a belt. The material of this bag is synthetic leather that gives the look and finish of natural leather. It has got straps that the user can adjust per waist size. The bag is available in standard and extra-large sizes. The texture of the belt bag is soft and quilted with a chain closure. 


 Please read below the physical details of the belt bag for more information concerning Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review.

  • Price – $60 (can also be paid via four no-cost installments of $15).
  • Bag and Belt Colour – Black
  • Chain Colour – Gold
  • Dimensions of Bag (cm) – 20(breadth) X 12 (length) X 5 (depth)
  • Strap Lengths (in) – 30 (standard); 41.5 (plus)
  • Material of Bag – Quilted polyurethane
  • Material of Belt – Polyester webbing 
  • Standard Size – 0 to14 (US)
  • Plus Size – 16 to 22 (US)


Please find the advantages of the given product.

  • The belt bag can carry essential items that take up less space, like identity cards, debit or credit cards, sanitizers, etc. This is a prime factor for deciding Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review.
  • The bag is small in size and light in weight, and therefore easy to carry.
  • When used in the belted mode, it becomes very convenient for being hands-free.
  • The price of the bag is reasonable compared to other branded belt bags. 


Please find below the disadvantages of using this belt bag.

  • For customers who need to carry large items like laptops during travel, this bag is not a suitable option as they have to carry another larger bag anyway.
  • As the bag is compact, trying to fit too many items in it can make it jammed. This factor may change your mindset regarding Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review.
  • Taking out the crucial things from this bag in urgency can be uncomfortable for users habituated with conventional backpacks or side bags. One has to search for the items with the bag tied around their waist. 

Is Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Legit?

Please find below the facts that shall give you an insight into the legitimacy of this product’s brand.

  • Name of Brand – Amanda Uprichard
  • Trust Score of Brand – 96%, which is an “Excellent Trust Score”.
  • Age of Brand – Nearing 15 years, with the website creation date on 20 October 2006. This fact shall reaffirm your opinions apropos Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review.
  • Owner Details – The physical and e-mail addresses of the owner are mentioned on the brand’s official website.
  • Reviews of Customers – There are no reviews by customers about the products on the official platform of the brand. 
  • Connection to Social Media – The brand portal is linked with its social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Based on the above facts, it is clear that the brand is authentic. Although the absence of customer reviews may raise one’s eyebrows, its age and social media presence indicate its genuineness. 

Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review

While searching the reviews for this product, we found a video on Facebook wherein the user has depicted the various styles of carrying it. However, we did not find any written reviews about this product. On the other hand, we did find written reviews of a silk gown from Amanda Uprichard , which you can read to get an idea of what customers think about this brand.  

The Final Verdict

The discussed belt bag can be helpful in daily usage as it is compact and can carry the necessary items during travelling. Still, for staying safe, we recommend you read How To Analyze The Authenticity Of The Product?

Have you already purchased this product? Please share your Amanda Uprichard Belt Bag Review for the awareness of our readers. 

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