Amazon Jacket Scam {Nov 2021} Get the Full Information!

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This article mainly represents the unknown fact and story of the Amazon Jacket Scam that people faced a few years ago.

Are you searching for stylish jackets to wear? Have you ever heard about the jacket scam? While you are searching for this type of article, you have found this article. Then, we can assure you that you are at the right place. This article will dive deep into it and provide you with all the information about the Amazon Jacket Scam. This scam mainly happens in the United States and a few other nations. So, please read this article and get all the information about it. So, wherever you are buying something online, you can take steps that need to be taken.

Why do we wear jackets?

We mainly wear jackets to protect us from winter. These jackets are built so that if we wear these warm clothes, we can stand against the cold. An offer is given on the Amazon website, where lots of people buy jackets. But later, they found that they were part of the Amazon Scam. Whatever they had ordered and they received something else.

How did that Amazon Jacket Scam happen?

This scam mainly happened in December. Few customers buy expensive jackets from the world’s largest ecommerce company known as Amazon. They have selected one colour and received a different colour. Whatever brand they have selected to buy, they get a different product from amazon. 

One woman bought a Canada Goose Jacket from amazon. She chose a violet colour jacket. When she received that jacket, she found a different brand name, and the colour of that jacket was also changed to a green colour. This became one of the big Amazon Jacket Scam

She was shocked that whatever brand she chose, its manufacturer’s place was only in Canada. But in the price tag, it was written that its manufacturing unit is in Hong Kong. She didn’t ever hear that brand name earlier. Then she started checking that jacket. She also found a hologram in the jacket. As per our research, we came to know that the quality of the jacket is also not up to the mark, and amazon took 965 dollars from that lady also, and she also had become a victim of the Amazon Jacket Scam.

Does amazon refund it?

Yes, Amazon refunds it. At first, amazon executives didn’t know about this scam. When that lady told their executive that this type of problem had occurred, then professionals of amazon called that brand and told everything about this scam. Later, she received a refund of that product, and amazon took that jacket from her and paid back her money.

Final Verdict: 

If you are searching for jackets of a specific brand, you need to know the story of the Amazon Jacket Scam. So, it will be better for you to check everything about that product that you are buying from online services. 

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