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Amber Heard Op Ed Original {May 2022} Get Details Here!

We have written down this article to enhance our readers’ understanding of Amber Heard Op Ed Original.

Are you a constant watcher of Johnny Depp’s case? Have you heard about the opposite of the editorial page as of now? It is also known as Op-Ed, becoming famous in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada because of Amber Heard. 

The entire case started because of this Op-Ed of Amber, where she conveyed her impression and those who weren’t affiliated with the journal’s editorial committee. But what was that all about? What does Amber Heard Op Ed Original say? Let’s see the details below-

What Did The Op-Ed Contain? 

Amber Heard was formerly in the judiciary for the fight with her ex-husband. This fight started back in 2018 when Amber wrote an article for a United States newspaper. The piece of paper revolved around their opinion of Heard. 

She wrote for The Washington Post titled: “She said against physical turmoil and confronted their civilization’s bitterness. That has to change.” And in the entire article, she discussed the physical violence that she encountered from a very young age. 

What Is an Op Ed? 

An op-ed is a short form opposite the editorial page inscribed as a prose chunk. It is usually circulated by a North-American journal, which communicates the impression of a founder usually not affiliated with the newspaper’s editorial council. 

The Cambridge dictionary interprets a portion of composing that reflects a private belief and is usually disseminated in a publication opposite the paper of the statement being published. And according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, it is a sheet of outstanding characteristics usually contrary to the footnote page of a publication.

Why is Amber Heard Op Ed Original Trending? 

Amber’s Op-Ed started by explaining that she was jeopardized by abuse at a very young age. After this, Johnny Depp sued her for apparent slander over the summary. Although she didn’t mention his name anywhere, Depp claimed that this piece of the article led him to face a lot. 

He faced difficulties getting movie roles, and Johnny Depp missed a $22.5 million payday for the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean movie. After assessing the loss of their favorite actor, people started searching for Amber Heard Op Ed Article, which made things highly controversial. 

Major Pointers Presented in an Op-Ed-

In her OpEd for The Washington Post, she discussed her physical assault in her college days, where she remained silent. Then, she talked about society’s toxic masculinity and discussed the MeToo movement. 

Moreover, she discussed her household violence and explained the trauma of changing her phone number every week. She was getting death threats and hardly left her apartment those days. She requested women to come forward and speak up about violence in the end. 


As a final verdict, Amber Heard Op Ed Original is a hot topic nowadays. There were so many things present on that paper, and we have collected all of them for you. We have provided you with a glimpse of Johnny Depp’s case in light of that OpEd. 

Moreover, all the gathered information given here is Internet-based. And click here to understand more about this topic. Furthermore, what will win the case? Comment here-

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