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Amc Spiderman NFT {Nov} Know Its Offer And Applicability

In this post, we have discussed the Amc Spiderman NFT offered by Sony & AMC at the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Do you know that Sony is offering exclusive Spider-Man NFT on advance ticket bookings for Spider-Man No way Home? Would you like to know more? If yes, tune into this article. 

Sony Pictures are offering a special Spider-Man NFT with AMC Theatres, and Spider-Man fans in the United States want to know more about it. So, in this post, we will discuss Amc Spiderman NFT

About AMC Theatres 

With about 950 theatres with 10,500 screens all across the globe, AMC is indeed the biggest film exhibition corporation in the States, Europe, as well as the rest of the world. 

Besides launching its Signature power-recliner chairs, offering increased food service options, increasing guest engagement into its loyalty and subscription programs, official website, and apps, offering luxury widescreen experiences.

AMC theatres play a wide range of content, such as the latest Hollywood movie releases. AMC has helped propel advancement in the exhibition industry. Let us know more about Spider-Man No Way Home before learning more about Amc Spiderman NFT.

About Spider-Man No Way Home 

Spider-Man No Way Home is the third installment in MCU’s Spider-Man films. For the very first time throughout Spider Man’s cinematic history, his identity is revealed. Peter’s Super Hero obligations clash with his everyday life, putting people he cares about the most in danger. 

After he decides to take the help of Doctor Strange to retrieve his truth, the spell creates a breach in their reality, unleashing the most formidable enemies that have ever faced a Spider-Man in any realm. Now Peter must face his most difficult task yet, one that will irrevocably affect not just his own but the Multiverse’s future.

About Amc Spiderman NFT 

For the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sony Pictures & AMC Theatres have teamed together to provide a special Spider-Man NFT to AMC Stubs Premiere members & AMC Stubs A-List members, and AMC Theatres Investor Connect members.

Members who buy or book an inauguration day advance ticket will receive the NFT, which will be distributed over the WAX blockchain. Cub Studios, a BAFTA & Lovie prize firm, created the design, which will be restricted to just 86,000 NFTs.

The NFT offer will be applicable exclusively for tickets bought or booked for screenings on 16th December on all platforms at all AMC theatres in the US. To become eligible for the Amc Spiderman NFT, Investor Connect, A-List, and Premiere, members need to buy tickets from the official AMC website or mobile app. 

The purchase should include the members’ AMC Stubs account details, and the film ticket should be scanned there at the theatre once the guest comes for the screening.

The Spider-Man NFT would be redeemable at a dedicated website run by WAX, the very first certified zero carbon blockchain with efficient energy, ultra-low carbon emissions. WAX is the world’s most commonly used blockchain, with 15 million transactions every day.


Go grab the tickets, as it is in a lifetime NFT launch that’s free for all AMC Investor Connect, A-List, and Premiere members. Visit this News website to learn more 

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