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Americasvoice.news Review (May 2020) Scam or Legit?

Americasvoice.news Review (May 2020) Scam or Legit? >> In this article, we review America’s Voice News, an online content and news platform.

Are you in search of a newsletter to subscribe to or an online platform, so you can remain updated with all the news and everything that is happening around the world? In the modern world where everything now occurs online, and the youth does not even read newspapers, an online newsletter or such a platform will be beneficial. One of such is platforms is America’s Voice News.

They provide news of activities happening in every corner of the world, in several categories, from entertainment to politics. Just like its name suggests, Americas Voice News has become very popular in the United States, where a considerable amount of users have subscribed to it.

In our Americasvoice.News Review, we will reveal all the details related to this news site, like it’s news categories, subscription advantages, and several other factors, including the legitimacy of the newsletter.

What is America’s Voice News?

America’s Voice News is an online platform where all of the latest news reports and activities around the globe are available to read. They provide a newsletter to subscribe to where you can get all the weekly or monthly updates at once.

Several factors that make this site distinct than the others of its category is that it allows user interaction, and the users are an active part of all the discussions, debates and broadcast happening.

Let’s discuss if their newsletter is worth your subscription. In terms of quality of content and news, it does an excellent job. It covers several topics in several categories ranging from entertainment to economics and politics, of course.

America’s Voice News Specifications:

  • They are quick to deliver the latest news and headlines.
  • They provide content in several categories.
  • They have apps for all operating systems, including Android and iOS for smoother usage.
  • They let users be an active part of activities.
  • Website: https://americasvoice.news/
  • Newsletter: It is mailed on a fixed basis, and is free initially.
  •  Email- not known

Is America’s Voice News legit?

The services provided by Americas Voice News are handy. They are quick to add all the activities and news as soon as they happen. The newsletter offered by them is also very beneficial. All the articles are sent directly to the inbox of your email.

Now the question arises if you can trust this site? Let’s break this down in two parts, the content and the legitimacy of the website. The material on the website is not fake. All the news and articles are genuine. As for the legality of the site, we cannot say anything with absolute certainty. 

Americas Voice News lets you contact them via email and usually respond within two days. However, they do not give out any information like their contact no and address. It makes the site appear less trustworthy. But that does not mean it is a scam. Despite the absence of specific information, we do not believe the website to be fraud, as it is common for news websites to not provide contact number and address to the public, for several reasons.

Advantages of America’s Voice News:

    • Their content is genuine.

  • They offer a subscription to a newsletter to conveniently receive news.

  • They provide facts and unbiased opinions.
  • They have voice news shows.


Disadvantages Of America’s Voice News:

  • The site is well maintained but is a little clumsy, which does not provide the best reader experience.
  • Certain information, like contact and email, is not available on the site.
  • The quality of the newsletter is not the best compared to other newsletters.

What are the customers saying about America’s Voice News?

Users who’ve been reading Americas Voice News for some time and those who frequently visit the site have been content with the quality of the services provided by the website. Some users claim that although it is not the best site of its category, it stands out from the others due to the several privileges the users enjoy here, such as active participation in discussions and others.

Few have also expressed that it is merely a waste of time and there are numerable other such online platforms which provide better service. 

However, the satisfied users outnumbered the ones who were not, and the positive AmericasVoice.News Review, much more in number.

Final Verdict

In our Americasvoice.News Review, we have shared every single detail related to this site that is of any importance. Now it’s time to take a final look and pass a decision. 

The content on the site is genuine, although not the best news platform, it still enjoys an upper hand due to its active user interaction.

If you like to be a part of political or any debate for that matter, you are sure to enjoy this site. It lets users be a part of such activities from time to time. They have apps for a smooth and better experience. 

So, we suggest that you can subscribe to the Americas Voice News‘ newsletter, if you’ve read everything and feel that it is the right one for you. If you do not, then there are countless other options.

2 thoughts on “Americasvoice.news Review (May 2020) Scam or Legit?

  1. Americas Voice News (americasvoice.news) is headed by Rob Sigg who is a career criminal, in and out of jail and made his money on shady scams and cons ripping people off. Rob Sigg is also father of Austin Sigg who raped, murdered and dismembered an 8-year-old little girl who’s now serving time.
    Their programming is amateurish high school level production and according to word on the street they are broke.

  2. I’m all about your programs. I just saw screen visuals while one of your programs was airing promoting Amazon and Apple TV. These two big tech companies are on YOUR list of part of the ‘CABAL”. Why would you give them any credence?

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