Among Us Airship Map Download (Dec) Scanty Reviews

Among Us Airship Map Download 2020

Among Us Airship Map Download (Dec) Scanty Reviews >> In this article, you are reading about the release of a new map for the well-known game!

Do you want to download the new map of Among Us game? Many online players Worldwide are thrilled to know about the new Among Us Airship Map Download.

Are you among those who wanted to know about the new release? Are you keen to download this new map of Among Us, one of the most popular games among teenagers and youngsters?

Among Us’s most giant map is scheduled for its release in 2021 with the new name, “Airship Map.” On September 23, 2020, there was an indication about the upcoming release of a new map for Among Us game.

With this article, we will inform you about the new map launched by Among Us. 

What Is Among Us Airship Map Download?

It a new release of a map from Among Us and is expected to launch in 2021. The release of the new map for Among Us is confirmed now. It will be launched over all the online platforms.

The game Among Us, which has attracted millions of players Worldwide is now all set to release a new map.

Innersloth has already confirmed its release on September 23, 2020. It is one of those features that will be added to this well-known game, Among Us. 

Hence, we are also thrilled to inform you about Among Us Airship Map Download.

What Does The New Map Of Among Us Contain?

More news about the release of the map was disclosed on November 18, 2020. The map has the unnamed cockpit. Besides, the two players are featured. 

One of these players resembles Right Hand Man Reborn, while the other resembles a Chaos Containment employee of the center.

This upcoming new Airship map is the fourth map for the game Among Us. It is a large-size map.  Also, it has more addition to the tasks.

If you are one of the fans of this well-known game, you can check for Among Us Airship Map Download.

What Are The New Features Of Airship Map Of Among Us Game?

Among Us’s new Airship map has been the town’s talk in many places around the world. This large-sized map is based on the Airship.

Toppat Clan owns this Airship in “Infiltrating the Airship,” the Henry Stickmin game. 

The game has 17 rooms, and the new map features by adding nine more rooms, the addition of tasks, and multiple cosmetics related to Henry Stickmin.

You can also enjoy the features by checking for Among Us Airship Map Download.


The well-known game Among Us has announced the release of the new map. This new map is named the “Airship Map.” It has confirmed the release of map by 2021.

The new map is discovered by Innersloth and is one of the most extensive maps compared to the previously launched maps.

It is the fourth map of Among Us game. However, we advise you to check the details and wait for its launch. Till then, keep enjoying the Among Us game with its existing fantastic features.

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