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Among Us Arcane {Nov 2021} Interested, Get Details Here!

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Among Us Arcane has information on the hit animated series Arcane and its sharing of resources with other gaming companies for a limited period.

The success of the arcane animated series has prompted riot games and Netflix to start the production for season 2. It topped the Netflix top 10 charts for 15 – 21 November with a total view hour of 38.4 million, and its sudden end has left many fans heartbroken worldwide.

The coming together of Riot games and other game developers to promote arcane has opened many opportunities for players. Among Us Arcane will discuss the collaboration of Innersloth with riot games and what it has for players.

Arcane Animated series:

Arcane is an animated series based on the video game league of legends created by Christian Linke. Riot Games and Fortiche looked after the production and animation aspects of the series. 

Riot Games devised a unique promotional campaign and collaborated with PUBG, Epic Games, and Among Us to succeed in the Arcane series. It narrates the story of a character from two cities of Piltover and Zaun; while one is a highly advanced city with the latest technology, the other believes in solid conviction.

Among Us Arcane

The collaboration for promotion has proved beneficial for both Riot games and the Among us team. The massive success of the series has fans waiting for season 2, which is under production and players of Among Us can use Cosmicube to get their favourite Arcane characters.

Players can unlock the Cosmicube and get hats, skins, uniforms and hair of their favourite League of Legends character. Though cosmetics are only for appearance purposes and have no role in gameplay, it will add to the visual effect of the game.

Some of the cosmetics available in Among Us Arcane Cosmicube are listed below for players:

  • Jayce Hair
  • Caitlyn cap
  • Heimerdinger suit and Poro
  • Vi hair and clothes
  • Enforcer helmet and armour

What is Cosmicube, and how to unlock it?

Cosmicube is a cosmetic system in the Among Us game that allows players to get various Arcane characters like Heimerdinger, Caitlyn and Jayce. 

It started with promotion for the Arcane series and will end on 31st December, players can have this item till the last of December, and it will vanish after the given date. Since it is an unlockable system, players will need to buy Among us Arcane themed Cosmicube and use it to get pods by playing the games.

Cosmicube can be bought using beans and stars, the game-in currency of Among us, but players need to use a pod for unlocking the content of Cosmicube.

Different pods are required for every Cosmicube, and they can be won by playing the game of different levels.

Final verdict:

Riot games strategy of using players of different platforms like PUBG, Epic games and Among us is commendable as it allows both parties to grow. The sharing of resources in the gaming industry is beneficial for both developers and gamers.

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Players should unlock Among Us Arcane Cosmicube before it vanishes from the game. 

Fans can share their thoughts about the Arcane series and Cosmicube in the comment section.

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