Among Us Chat Not Working {April} Know About It In Detail

Among Us Chat Not Working 2021

Among Us Chat Not Working {April} Know About It In Detail>> Read the below article to know about the new error in the most played video game.

Are you also facing Among Us Chat Not Working issue while playing this game? If yes, then this article will let you know why the issue is there and can be resolve or not. This game has a huge fan base especially from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom

People are facing a new issue in the game. They are not able to chat while playing this game. Some certain bugs and 3rrors have been reported on this game. There have been major changes that have been introduced into the game. Just like other games, these new updates are creating some errors in the game. Let us see what this new issue is about.

What Is Among Us Chat Not Working Issue All About?

Among Us is one of the most famous games all over the world especially in various parts of the world. The game is quite exciting as there us quite realistic views when playing the game. The game has recently launched a new update – an airship map. 

The airship mao has caused various errors in the game. Many players were finding it quite difficult to log into the game just after this new update. This created a lot of traffic on the official site. But afterwards, this issue got resolved. Now the game is showing a new error – Among Us Chat Not Working

Now the people have started playing on the airship map, the new errors have been increasing. People are complaining that their chat box is not working and they cannot chat with other players while playing.

Has The Issue Got Resolved?

These issues are being fixed by InnerSloth. The InnerSloth has resolved one issue by far. And this issue is where the Microsoft store was booting the players. The studio, disappearing lava, missing walls and broken shadows on iOS problems have been fixed too. However, these new chat issues are still out there and the developers are trying to resolve the issues as soon as possible.

Player’s Reviews

Among Us Chat Not Working has made players anxious and worried. The game, Among Us, is played by a group of people. Either you play the game with a group of your friends or you play them with the people you meet online. 

This requires interacting with one another. If you are not able to interact with your fellow players, there are high chances that you could lose the game. So, it is important if the chat box is in working mode. But these new issues have caused a lot of issues which is not being liked by the players. They want this issue to be resolved.

Final Verdict

This article has told you about Among Us Chat Not Working issue. The new update about the airship map has caused a lot of errors in the game. To get rid of such issues, we have conducted in-depth research and covered the topic of how this issue is creating trouble among the players. Did you find this article informative? Do let us know by leaving your valuable opinions.

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  1. Thanks for the informative and thorough article, I hope they get the chat issue resolved soon. It’s tough with such a massive audience but limited developers. It’s a great game

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