Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay (June) Details Inside!

Details Inside Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay

Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay (June) Details Inside! >> In this post, you will know about an auction related to a popular game meal and that is going viral on an eCommerce platform.

Have you heard about the Among Us chicken nugget? If you are an Among Us fan, you might have heard about it. But if you have not heard about it, then please stay tuned to this post to know about it. 

Games have so much influence on its fans, and Among Us has become one of the most popular games in the United States and throughout the world. 

Speaking of influence, there is McDonald’s chicken nugget that is selling at the price of gold. Let’s know more about it further on this Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay post. 

About Among Us Chicken Nugget

A McDonald’s Chicken Nugget that looks like Among Us crewmates is attracting Among Us lovers, and its price is increasing unexpectedly. 

BTS’s name is also included in this matter as a chicken nugget that looks like an avatar is taken from the McDonald’s most awaited BTS Combo meal.

The Among Us Chicken nugget has been viral and taken the form of an auction on Ebay, and its price is skyrocketing every hour. The auction will close on June 4 2021, which confirms that it only has few hours left.

A Few Words about Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay

The chicken nugget thing is first introduced on May 28 on Ebay. After research, we found out that firstly this chicken nugget is introduced at the price of $1000, and then it was relisted in the Ebay auction. 

Can you guess what is the price of this chicken nugget now? It’s $69,520, which is unbelievable, and the auction has one day to close, and we can’t even think how much its price will increase. So, we all are excited to see the result of this Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay auction. 

Reaction of Users and Among Us Officials on this Auction

The gamers and the users of Ebay have been very surprised, and nobody has expected this kind of thing from a chicken nugget. 

The officials of Among Us have a humorous reaction to this auction. The InnerSloth, on its recent Twitter post, stated, “There is a $34,443.43 Among Us chicken nugget on sale, and I don’t know how to feel about it?? but also?? I want it.” To make it correct, the price of Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay is $69, 520 now. 

Wrapping It All

This auction has become huge, and if you want to know about the bidding, you may visit this link here. However, there is only a few hours left to get this chicken nugget, so you should make it quick. If you want to watch the auction from aside, you are also welcome. 

Do you want to enjoy this chicken nugget? What are your views about this Among Us chicken nugget auction? Please tell us in the comments section below. Also, please do share this Among Us Chicken Nugget Ebay to inform others. 

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