Among Us Proximity Chat Download [Dec] Full Tutorial!

Among Us Proximity Chat Download 2020
Among Us Proximity Chat Download [Dec] Full Tutorial! >> This article will tell you how to download the chat mod of the Among us. Please check the details now.

Among Us is a famous game because it is available for all age groups, but also it does not require any high-end graphic device or systems. You can download it on your PC or smart device to play it. So, do you want to know about the new feature of Proximity chat and will tell you about Among Us Proximity Chat Download.

This feature is already gone viral Worldwide since form when several YouTubers did a live video streaming about this feature. This benefits the player to chat with their allies to counter their opponent. 

What is Among Us Proximity Chat?

As we mentioned above, it helps the crewmates and imposters to chat to their nearby locals during online playing. They can use strategies by utilizing this opportunity to lead the game; several YouTubers made a video on how to download Among Us Proximity Chat.

But as you can see, several scam websites are available that will ask you to take as or do a task to get the proximity chat feature, but they are nothing but doing their marketing. They misuse the fame and the name of the game to drive traffic to their website. By seeing the popularity Worldwide, they also try to steal the personal data of the visitors.

How to Among Us Proximity Chat Download?

It is undeniable that most of you land here to know about how to download proximity chat in among us, so without much ado, please follow the steps below to get it:

  • Download the .exe file i.e. [CrewLink-Setup-#.#.#.exe]
  • Please install the application (Some antivirus will consider it as a virus)
  • Open the game via the Crewlink interface
  • Then Join the game

Some of the Issues that you can face

You may face errors while downloading and accessing the mod app. But before that, please check whether that you have updated the game with the latest version or not. 

While proceeding with the Among us proximity chat mod, the antivirus of your system may block this app because of its third-party/unknown source. You can disable your antivirus for a while to Among Us Proximity Chat Download in your system.

Try to fix the troubleshooting problem; you may also face some voice server issues, so please change the server simultaneously to connect with the right server. Proximity chat allows you to team up with the nearby active players to counter your common enemy; the chat mod will help the players coordinate during gameplay.


As we had seen several versions of Among us, most of the features were gotten to know via YouTubers when they introduced such Proximity chat features. 

We will ask you to choose a safe Among Us Proximity Chat Download website so that you don’t land on some virus webpage because there are lots of scam websites available over the internet.

You also have to be aware of the virus content file and immediately delete it if you found that file improper.

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