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Among Us Proximity Chat Mod (Nov) Chat With Players!

Among Us Proximity Chat Mod (Nov) Chat With Players! >> The article includes information related to the voice chat feature of the Among us.

When it comes to gaming, it becomes more attractive during multiplayer; when you team up with your friends or family to attack the opponent, then the game becomes more exciting because it increases the curiosity and anxiousness to win the game. What if you can talk with each no matter where is your location? This is called voice chat. In this post, we will discuss Among Us Proximity Chat Mod.

This system enables you to interact with your fellow mate via voice chat; you can also gang up with any other players no matter he/she is from United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, or any other country. It also makes the game interesting and to follow the plan by communicating.

About Proximity Chat

Let’s talk about Among Us Proximity Chat Mod. It is not new to the game because it is already available in almost maximum games related to a mission or similar type of play. You can also get this feature in other famous games like PUBG, Fortnite, Free Fire battleground, and many others where gamers interact with each other to play among them.

It is one of the great features which helps to connect with others; you can not only team up with others who are playing the game from anywhere around the world but save their name so that you can play again with them next time.

What is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod?

It is a service activated by one of its developers and is part of NodePolus; the mod application is not available right now. The mod application enables you to interact and hear others, but now the application is not in use. 

If you find any Proximity Chat Mod application related to that, you should avoid that because it may contain a virus or unnecessary file.

If you are using Among Us mod file, then this feature may not be available to you due to the improper file you are using. The voice chat feature is blocked in the mod version of the game. So if you are looking to use this feature, you have to download the real game, which is available for both mobile and PC versions.

Although the game is not free in the PC version but is free into the Android/IOS version, there is some restriction in using the Android version because you won’t get free skins and bundles available in the PC version.


From the study and analysis, we gathered information that the voice feature might not work in the mod version of the Among Us. But if you are playing the legally downloaded version of Among Us Proximity Chat Mod, then you can enjoy these features. 

Apart from this, there are many features available in the fair version like usage of skins, bundles, and in mod apk, you can’t use it or buy it.

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