Among Us Sheriff Mod (Jan) All About Among Us Sheriff Mod!

Among Us Sheriff Mod 2020.

Among Us Sheriff Mod (Jan) All About Among Us Sheriff Mod! >> Please read the article if curious to know about the new mod in the popular game, a boon for crewmates.

Among Us Sheriff Mod: A well-known multiplayer game Among Us was launched in 2018 Worldwide; however, it earned a pace in 2020. The team launches new modifications and features for the user to make the game more exciting. Recently it introduced Sheriff in the play to the class of crewmates, which kills the imposters.

Even though Among Us is a simple game, one needs skill and strategies to win the game easily. So get hands-on details of this new mod to grow in the game faster.

About Among Us 

Among us is a popular game Worldwide that attracted many users in the pandemic phase, also bagged many awards this year. It is played in the spaceship theme between two group crewmates and imposters. The only way to win this game is by completing all the tasks where your opponent’s imposters stop you from finishing the job and try to kill you.

This way, the play went on with exciting twists and turns and became the top play in the gaming community. The team comes with new features and events very often; Among Us Sheriff Mod is one such feature launched recently, the details about which is written below.

What is New Sheriff Mod in Among Us?

The Sheriff is the new modification in Among Us game that works like magic for the crewmate class, as it kills the imposters to protect you. If by mistake also kills the innocent crewmate, it is going to lose its life. This mod is like other features that kill the crewmates, but it is more powerful and responsible. So try this new mod, which is a boon for crewmates.

The visibility of Among Us Sheriff Mod is set on the lobby game option menu. To know the steps to download the mod, please refer to the section below.

How to install New Sheriff Mod?

  • On the specific Among Us version, download the New Sheriff mod.
  • Copy the game root directory and rename it.
  • To the copied folder created earlier, enter the content of Sheriff Among Us. 
  • Open the folder and game by following Among Us.exe. Here Sheriff Mod would launch.

Note: If the version does not match, then this mod will not work.

Among Us Sheriff Mod Customer Reviews 

Among Us users are overwhelmed by the new feature launched. As per the research, we obtained mixed reviews of the customer over the internet. Some say that this feature works like wonders, and it is an amazing feature. Whereas, few say even though they had the original version, this feature did not work. So, it is suggested to research further to know in-depth.


It is exciting to know that the Sheriff Mod kills imposters and helps you grow in the game. If you are also excited, try this mod right now by following the simple steps listed above. But make sure you have the suitable version to install the mod.

We hope the write-up helped you to understand the mod and how to use it. If you tried Among Us Sheriff Mod feature and want to share it with everyone, this place is open for you. Please do write to us in the comments section below.

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