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Are you an artist who can create great digital artwork and want to launch a new NFT? Get inspired information here about Amrit Pal Singh Nft.

Amrit became famous as he encouraged new talents on how to go about creating NFT. He gave information about the technology involved, how to market NFTs, and more. Amrit had spent over $141,000 on displaying his artwork in the MetaVerse! 

Amrit had invested in buying digital artworks of other artists so that income would flow in the future. Soon he also got popular in the United States. Let’s read all about Amrit Pal Singh Nft in this article.

What are Amrit Pal Singh non-fungible tokens?

During the lockdown in 2020 and 2021, Amrit Pal Singh, a native Indian, created 67 JPEG images. These images were initially sold from February 2021. 

The concept of images was simple. Amrit created 3D cartoon images of famous personalities like Frida Kahlo, Steve Jobs, Malala Yousafzai, and many more. These images looked like toy figures. 

Amrit also created images of toy rooms depicting Aladdin’s cave, hobbit’s study, and living room of The Simpsons. Amrit thought illustrating images of the room and famous people was a great way of expressing the world of possibilities. 

The founder of Amrit Pal Singh Nft: 

Amrit Pal Singh is the founder of NFT with his name. Amrit holds more than ten years of experience in designing mobile apps, digital toys, card games and picture books.

Amrit Pal Singh non-fungible tokens Price: 

  • With the support of SuperRare, OpenSea, ShowTime, and Foundation marketplaces, Amrit was able to sell the toy faces he had created. 
  • Each toy face was priced at 1 ETH, which is approximately $4,706.00.
  • There are 43 toy faces available on the blockchain, though the original supply of toy faces was higher.
  • He had successfully minted the Toy rooms Amrit Pal Singh Nft at $1.22 ETH, which is approximately $5,741.
  • The total supply of digital Toy faces is limited to 67.
  • If any of the artwork of Amrit is resold, the seller gets a profit of 10%.
  • Currently, the price predictions of NFT-Amrit Pal Singh are unavailable. However, Amrit had successfully minted NFTs worth more than 16 ETH.

How to buy NFT by Amrit Pal Singh?

  1. Install a digital wallet app that supports the Ethereum network. For Example – MetaMask.
  2. Buy Ethereum cryptocurrency from any of the Ethereum networks.
  3. Send the Ethereum cryptocurrency you bought to your digital wallet.
  4. Log in to SuperRare, OpenSea, ShowTime, and Foundation marketplaces, where you can find Amrit Pal Singh Nft
  5. On the marketplace platform, connect your digital wallet.
  6. Search for Amrit Pal Singh non-fungible tokens in the marketplace.
  7. Enter the amount of Amrit Pal Singh non-fungible tokens you want to buy.


Amrit was able to earn $1 million within nine months by selling JPEG images he created and sold as NFTs. Amrit is actively looking for new artistic ideas and collaborations. His artwork was used by Google, Netflix, Snapchat, Adobe, Pinterest, FedEx, Ola, etc.

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