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Analytice Club Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not!

Analytice Club Reviews 2020

Analytice Club Reviews – Buying Here Is Good or Not! -> Analytice club is an online e-store where you can buy superior quality dinnerware, elegant jewelry, sunglasses, and reading glasses.

In recent years many of the United State citizens are spreading their wings and exploring the fabulous shopping portals that will fulfill your shopping needs. Now you can easily visit many merchants via online medium and buy the item without facing any hassle.

Are you looking for the doorstep delivery of fragile and delicate products in the best condition? Then Analytice Club is for you where you can buy whatever you want to purchase and enjoy the doorstep delivery.

The company has a large warehouse where they store their products and send them to the receiver’s house, after receiving orders from them. Now you are safe from going to your nearby shop and buy the glassware product, as the chances get higher than they might have broken or damaged in your way. 

Living in the modern era has opened up many opportunities for the buyers to buy their desired products without leaving their comfort zone. 

Shopping from Analytics Club provides you with the same product that you are looking to buy. Here you will get the flexibility, convenience, and great deals that will help you to get the best products. 

You can also enjoy exciting offers and incredible discounts on your every purchase. You can also subscribe to the newsletter facility where you will get constant updates of new add on products. 

What is Analytice Club?

Analytice Club is an e-store where you can buy all kinds of glass used products like dinnerware, designer jewelry, sunglasses, and reading glasses. 

Here, you can buy an Emmett ring, hoop earrings, bangle bracelet, drop pendant, flower earring, Caspian earring, square sunglasses, round sunglasses, oversized sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses. 

If you want to know more about the analytice club, you can go ahead with the post.

What are the specifications of the Analytice Club?

  • Website Type: Dinnerware and Jewellery products
  • Shipping Time: 1-7 business days
  • Delivery Time: 8-10 business days
  • Pre Order Items Processing Item: 14-24 Business Days
  • Exchange: NotApplicable
  • Return: 60 Days Return Policy After you receive your product
  • Shipping Charges: $ 12.99 
  • Cancellation of Order: your order will cancel within 2 hours of order placement
  • Company contact number: 8456360200
  • Company Address: 1527fruitland dr,BELLINGHAM,WA,98226
  • Email Address:
  • Mode Of Payment: Paypal, Credit Card and Debit Card

What are the pros of the Analytice Club?

These are the following pros of Analytice Club:

  • Myriad options of the product
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Elimination of middleman that eventually lowers down the cost 
  • Excellent Quality of products

What are the cons of the Analytice Club?

The cons of the Analytice Club are listed below:

  • Some of the products are not timely delivered
  • Most of the received products are broken and were not in the best condition.

How to place the order of products on Analytice Club?

You have to log onto the website, browse through the different categories, and choose the product you want to buy. Here, you will get the image of the product from all the angles along with the price range. 

After doing the complete research, you have to drag the product and drop it into your shopping cart. Once you decide to pay for the product, you can go ahead with the procedure by paying for it via PayPal, credit card, or debit card. The most important feature of online shopping is that it opens up 24×7 to fulfill your shopping needs. Now users no need to wait for the opening of your desired shop, where you can buy the products from anywhere

What are the customer reviews for Analytice Club?

Every customer has a different perspective regarding the product as their review is dependent upon their usage. Many customers found these products extremely useful and of excellent quality. They said that the received product was so amazing that they even did not find it in their nearby glassware shop. 


The website offers a relaxing and stress-free way to shop, and therefore people of the United States prefer to spend more time on the site and product from it. 

As with technological advancement, the website is SSL certified, and therefore, no personal detail and any financial information will be leaked to anyone. Hence, you won’t face any problem while placing your order. 

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      1. I bought a cricut and they tripled my order, taking $150 from my account and instead of even sending the itemS, the sent me face masks. It’s 100% a scam, do not trust this website, please buy somewhere else that’s legit!

      1. Yes. I bought a cricut and they tripled my order, taking $150 from my account and instead of even sending the item, the sent me face masks. It’s 100% a scam, do not trust this website.

  1. Hello I just wanted to know is this website any safe is it OK to shop from there, would I be getting exactly the product described in their listing

    1. I emailed them and they take awhile to respond. They respond with short sentences. Is it a scam? The address is a residential number. Has anybody ordered from here?

    2. I also bought just now. Seems too good to be true. Does anyone know if it’s a scam and if the product they ordered arrived ?

  2. I did not receive a confirmation right away so I emailed and asked for one. I received a confirmation from a personal email address. It looked professional and contained every detail EXCEPT shipping/tracking info. I just emailed again asking for that. Once I receive that info, I will feel more at ease. But I am most curious how they can sell a $300 top of the line equipment at 1/3 of the best price I can find anywhere else. About Us on their website states that they cut out the middle man. My credit card comoany called to verify authorization to pay because it is processed from China. I intend to be patient and see this through to see if it is 100% legitimate.

    1. I just purchased a cricut machine from them I recieved my confirmation email right away. I started seeing that it was a scam and I was already nervous about it being a scam because of the price. It still says processing I have emailed them and waiting for a response . I am just waiting I will update as I get more informtion

        1. Can someone let me know how this goes. I was looking into buying a circuit also. But want to make sure its ligament first. Thanks

        2. I also ordered a cricut also and it’s great bundle price. I also got an email confirmation . Did anyone get theirs yet. I’m also nervous it’s a scam

          1. Melanie, I ordered the cricut and today I got 3 medical masks. I’ve already reported it to PayPal.

    2. I have received a tracking number and I am following it. Tracking indicates delivery by May 26. I will keep you posted as to product authenticity and quality once received.

  3. Has anyone gotten an answer from anyone on here yet? I’m just going out on a limb here but it is quite clear, given the combined speculations and sheer lack of certain expectancies of a website selling merch, among other things, that this site probably is not legit and chances are you shouldn’t purchase anything from here. The prices were what raised a red flag for me. A Cricut Air Explorer 2 machine and bundle on this site was priced at $69.95 but all other sites I searched including Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Mercari, and other personal seller sites which included used products and open box, the same item or item minus any extras inc in the one I found on this site, was priced between 180-249$–most of which were just the machine and no additional items included. Even the used, open box, and like new conditions for that product were all priced over twice the amount that this site had a bundle listed for (lowest overall price found used condition- $149 and the average price was $199.99 for the machine itself brand new). So, I emailed the address listed twice and still haven’t rec a response. Back to the rule book… if it sounds, looks, feels, or seems too good to be true, it always is and you’re either missing something in the description, misunderstood the listing, or it is just plain-black n white-obvious scam attempt that we wish was for real so much we talked ourselves into believing we found the best dang deal on the planet and rush into buying it even though our voice of reason is screaming NOOOO! However, still curious if anyone did manage to get a reply or figure out for sure if its a scam?

    1. I was looking at a Silhouette Cameo 4, same thing- price seems too good to be true. Probably a scam but i wish someone would write about their experience, good or bad.

    1. There’s no way this is a legit site. As someone above posted, the prices are unreal. The Cricut bundle that was mentioned above is what led me to this site, but as I was looking around at the page, there was a big red flag for me at the bottom. Where it shows forms of payment accepted, if you hover over the pictures of the credit card logos, it says “Mastercart” instead of Mastercard. The emblems aren’t even in color, which is another red flag. I’d love it to be real, but sadly, it’s just a way to steal your money!

  4. SCAM!!! Another site says they have been in business over 5 years. I call bull! If you look at the comments across several sites they are all from within the last month. No company that has been in business over 5 years has only comments within a such a short period. Also, these so called “reviewers” are obviously foreign based on their grammar. Don’t trust these people. They just think we’re dumb Americans.

  5. I just placed my order for a cricut maker for 50.95…I’m wondering if this is a scam too but since I ordered using PayPal I do feel more confident that should it turn out to be one, they will act on my behalf to get my money back.

    1. Have you received it yet? I ordered the same thing and I used pay pal. If pay pal is offered most of the time I’ve found the company to be legit. But like you said they will get our money back if not!

  6. so did anyone who ordered something ever get it and did it look and work as its suppose to..I want to order the cricut bundle but I’m scared of doing so as nobody has confirmed if they have received the stuff they bought just that they bought it…please let me know of I’ll be getting stiffed or is this real

  7. I placed an order , THEN read this page and tried to cancel through PayPal, they said they couldn’t cancel, to contact the seller, wellll that was a whole nother story, I emailed to the address provided, nothing, so I emailed their customer complaints address and told them to cancel. Three days later they replied it could not be cancelled because “it had already shipped”, even tho it wasn’t showing on my bank. I then told them I wanted a tracking number and was sent that today, but nothing shows up in tracking. It only showed it ships from CHINA! I doubt I ever get it but I will deal with PayPal and let them resolve it. If it looks too good to be true………..

  8. Any update from anyone?? Has anyone received their order?? Was about to order a Cricut but now I’m not sure if I should!

    1. DO NOT ORDER!!! That’s what I ordered, should have known better, but today I got 3 face masks, paper. It is a big time scam.

  9. I, too, ordered two cricuts. I can’t get a reply to my emails requesting a tracking number. Unfortunately, I ordered with Paypal. I should have used a credit card. It would have been easier to get refunded. Please let us know if anyone receives their order.

  10. I received a confirmation after I emailed Customer Service. Then received shipping tracking number for USPS indicating a “China post”. I then began receiving tracking info through USPS app indicating that the package (nothing indicates dimensions or weight or any type of identifying info as to what the content is) in Chicago IL. Finally tracking said to expect delivery today. Mailman came but had no package for me. I am hoping the delays are due to Covid 19 staffing shortage, and it will be here tomorrow. We all must consider thst possibility.

  11. I ordered the cricut bundle as well says from china will be here saturday, I’ve done filed complaint with paypal hope I get my 50.95 back…should have known too good to be true!

  12. I ordered a thermal printer and 15 days later my package came in……a little plastic envelope package that could fit something little like baby clothes. i open the package and just like alot of the above comments these douchebags sent me 3 medical masks. SCAM PAGE !

  13. Ordered a Cricut April 24 , NEVER received.
    Called the bank I had to cancel my card. This is a TOTAL SCAM !!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM .

  14. I just met my mailman and refused this package because of this site/info Analytice is SCAM. I took a video proving package was not as expected. will let you know what paypal does.

  15. Compruébelo, le cobrarán el desplazamiento, la visita, el presupuesto y además es muy posible que le engorden el presupuesto con altos costes de mano de obra y cambiando piezas que pueden no estar en mal estado pueden no ser necesario cambiarlas en sus frigoríficos. El servicio técnico de reparación Bosch Garantiza todas sus reparaciones por un periodo de 3 meses por escrito la reparación ejecutada. Debajo puede consultar los servicios técnicos Siemens ofertados por nuestra empresa.

  16. Ok folks…… SCAM …… I just got a refund since I “refused delivery”. They gave me back 50 of the 66 dollars charged. Paypal basically said i should take it or i could be charged for returning the package (form letter i am sure). so bottom line, they stole 10 dollars from me, and paypal was zero help in the long run even though i gave them tons of PROOF of the FRAUD.

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