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Aniversario Del Poni Express {Aug} Complete Details!

Aniversario Del Poni Express {Aug} Complete Details! >> Wants to know how Google celebrates the company’s anniversary that used to transfer messages in the past? Read the content here.

Gone were days when people have only a few ways to communicate with each other. At that time, Pony Express was established to help people send their important messages. 

A few years back, Google has celebrated the 155th anniversary of Pony Express. Hearing this news, people from Worldwide were searching for the details of it on the web.

So, by sharing today’s article, we will provide you with the highlights of the anniversary and a fantastic game that launches on this day.

Let’s explore Aniversario Del Poni Express!

Few words about Pony Express

Pony Express was a mail service that delivered the news, emails and messages by travelling long distances on horses from Missouri to California. Being established on April 3 1860; Pony Express plays a major role in improving the financial conditions of the United States. 

It reduced the time for messages from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast to about ten days. Though the company was not successful in providing the services in the long run, it certainly helps make people’s lives much easier.

What is Aniversario Del Poni Express?

It refers to the anniversary of Pony Express. The mailing service delivered its first letter on April 14, 1860. So, to make the people aware of the postmen’s struggles, Google celebrates the 155th anniversary by launching an adventurous online game based on it.

The task performed in the game is similar to what people do to carry the messages, i.e. cover the long stretch of the country on a horse. Players have to guide the postman to collect the letters and parcels from people and deliver them appropriately.

The Aniversario Del Poni Express flashes memories and gives the players a new gaming experience.

Relation between Pony Express and Old West Game

You might be curious to know how this game interlinks and connects the people to the past scenario. Well, the story of the game is based on historical background. 

The service of delivering messages was started by Pony Express in 1860 when Civil War was going in the country. It was the only medium to communicate where letter carriers rode horses and carried the letters on their route. 

So, to mark their importance, Aniversario Del Poni Express brings the Old West Game into existence, where players had to cross three stations and collect the parcels. Of course, it is a tribute to the early mailing system that helped the people at times of war.

Key Points about the Adventurous Game

  • The whole journey consists of 100 postal that the player must focus on collecting.
  • Snowfall, thorny cacti, big rocks will create a hurdle in the route, so one must know how to escape from it.
  • The final destination comes after crossing the three stations successfully.
  • The scoreboard will depend on the number of letters you have collected on your way.

However, if you are looking for the details of the Pony Express Routes, visit the link.


Aniversario Del Poni Express, celebrated by Google, brings a fantastic game for the players. Google celebrates the 155th anniversary by launching the adventurous online game. We tried our best to make you aware of the game and its features. 

Have you played any other Google game earlier? Comment and share your experience with us.

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