Anniversary Enhypen 2021 {Oct} Streaming Of EN-Quest!

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Want to know how Anniversary Enhypen 2021 took place? Read the article and know all the details of the event of your favourite boy band.

Are you a fan of one of the most popular boy bands, Enhypen? If so, then you are indeed on the right platform. As in today’s article, we will share the highlights of the anniversary of the South Korean band formed by Belift Lab.

In 2020, Enhypen made a long -list of its enthusiastic fans worldwide, including Indonesia and the Philippines. Back to back hit performances of the band members win the heart of people. It is why people are eagerly waiting to know the details of Anniversary Enhypen 2021.

Let’s explore and try to catch up on all the highlights!

Few words about Enhypen

It is a band of seven members formed in the survival competition show named I-land. The first debut of Enhypen was released on 30 November 2020, including a play called Border: Day One.

The origin of the name was from the word hyphen, which means growth, discovery and connection. Similarly, Enhypen aims to join together, grow and discover new acts for its most awaited fans.

List of the members of Enhypen

Before knowing about Anniversary Enhypen 2021, let’s have a quick look at the most handsome personalities of this boy band.

  •   Jungwon – Ranked in the first position, he is the leader of the group.
  •   Jay – He is the main rapper and a lead dancer.
  •   Jake – He is well-recognised as the lead rapper
  •   NI-KI – He is lead dancer and vocalist
  •   Heesueng – He is the central member of the band and a vocalist, dancer and rapper
  •   Sunghoon – He is a vocalist and a lead dancer
  •   Sunoo- he plays the role of lead vocalist.

Anniversary Enhypen 2021 Celebration

One year had passed when the most iconic group of this generation was formed. It was the time when these seven talented, splendid personalities collaborated to Enhypen. So, to mark this day, the group had organised a live EN-Quest: The Seven Stars Event on 17th and 18th September 2021.

This gaming event was a combination of six different activities, which are listed below –

  •   Won truth, one lie
  •   Hee hint -hunt
  •   ToJay’s Word Search
  •   Jake and the spy
  •   Sunghoon Scramble
  •   Sunoo spot on

Anniversary Enhypen 2021 not only brought amazing games for the fans, but it was also a chance to win and prove how much they know about their most favourite band Enhypen.

What was the reaction of fans?

The grand quest launched by the band had created unforgettable memories for their fans. The millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook had posted wishes on their great day.

Time flies so fast, and the Enhypen celebrated their first anniversary. The journey of the seven handsome guys from the I-Land till today is remarkable.


Wrapping the content, we shared the details of Anniversary Enhypen 2021 with you. However, all the updates of the EN-Quest were also displayed on their Twitter account. The performances of Enhypen have not ended yet, and the band will give its best shows in the coming years too.

What are your views about Enhypen? Comment and share with us.

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