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Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement (Aug) Know The Fact!

Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement (Aug) Know The Fact! >> You will find important information about a medical issue that will help you have a safer vaccination in the future.

Do you know about antibody-dependent viral enhancement? If you have not heard about it, then do not turn the page. In today’s time, when various new diseases are spreading their reign in the United States and throughout the world, it is very important to have every possible knowledge that will be beneficial for your health.

So, let’s have a detailed discussion on Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement.

What Is An Antibody?

An antibody is basically a protein with a ‘Y’ shape that makes the immune system stronger. After binding itself with a specific antigen, it enables the immune system to recognize any foreign agent in the body and neutralizes the effect of that foreign agent. Each antibody can bind with only one particular antigen.

In the medical world, vaccination is regarded as the most effective precaution for fighting against any virus or disease. We all know that vaccination is actually a process of injecting antibodies into the body of a living organism. But when this process goes wrong, then it may cause Viral Enhancement.

What Is An Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement?

A vaccine is a biological preparation, the most important component of which is a part of the disease-causing virus. This component is either a dead or weakened version of that virus or a minor portion of its toxins or some protein substance obtained from it.

This component triggers the adaptive capability of the immune system, thus preventing the disease-causing agent from harming the body further. But sometimes, this might have the opposite effect.

If the antibody’s binding process goes wrong, it may facilitate the virus’ entry into the host cell instead of preventing it. This reverse effect of antibody is what we call the Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement or Antibody-Dependent Enhancement in the medical language. The short form of this medical phenomenon is ADE.

How Does This Work?

Usually, an antibody prevents a virus’ effects on the body by a process called Phagocytosis. In this process, the antibody binds the virus and then interacts with complement receptors, usually the FC receptors released by the host cell to destroy the virus.

But sometimes, due to various reasons, the virus successfully escapes Phagocytosis for various reasons. Then the effect of this process works in the opposite path by promoting the replication of the virus. This Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement ultimately causes the death of the immune cells making the host body severely ill.

The responsible reasons for this problem include

  • Nonneutralizing character of the antibody
  • Weakness of the bond between antibody and antigen
  • Binding happening below the threshold marked for neutralization
  • Antibodies having a concentration of sub- neutralizing nature


Each approved vaccine has to go through several tests before making its debut in the market in order to avoid this problem. 

So, it’s very important to check the legitimacy of the vaccine to avoid Antibody Mediated Viral Enhancement. To have an effective vaccination, know more about the viral enhancement 

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