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Apaid Wordle {July 2022} Confuse For Puzzle 397 Answer?

The article discusses the concept of Apaid Wordle, eradicates the confusion, and describes the whole matter quickly.

Do you play the word puzzle game Wordle? I hope you know all the rules and regulations of the game? But in recent times, Wordle gamers have been introduced to a new kind of Wordle game. Many say the name of this game is – Apaid.

Many gamers from India and Australia want to know about the new Wordle. But many don’t know the real news. So, we must find out the facts about Apaid Wordle

Is this a New Type of Wordle? 

We start to examine the matter. And we find that “Apaid” is not a Wordle game. It is a wrong answer to the Wordle game of 21 July 2022. We have checked the trusted internal sources to check the response of Wordle number – 397.

We find the answer to the Wordle is “Aphid”. After these findings, we are sure that the word used instead of the honest answer is wrong. It is a confusion caused by many individuals. It proves there is nothing like a word puzzle game called – Wordle Apaid.

Apaid Definition– Know the Word

But we also need to examine the word “Apaid”. It is also a five letter word. And we all know that in the specified Wordle game, the gamers need to guess the five-letter word. But here, we need to examine the specifications and the definition of Apaid. 

Apaid- We have searched the world’s best English dictionary, and we find the meaning of the word is “Pleased”, “Satisfied”, or “Rewarded”. The word was used in the middle age of the English language. The word is used in present form to mean something similar to the above discussion. 

Apaid Wordle– What is It? 

It is proved that Apaid is a different and wrong word as we find the honest answer of Wordle number 397. To guess the real Wordle answer, you must guess the word by the following. 

  1. The first letter is A. And the last letter is D. Can you guess the word?
  2. The fourth letter is – “I”.
  3. The second letter is P, and the third letter is H. Hope, now you think of the word.

The word is “Aphid”. The meaning of the word denotes a minor bug. In the meanwhile, we have already discussed Is Apaid a Word or not. 

Why is the Word Circulating? 

Millions of word puzzle lovers play the Wordle game daily. It is true; day by day, the game is getting harder, and many gamers cannot guess the word. In this situation, the game sometimes offers a specific term. For this reason, confusion has taken place. 

The puzzle lovers don’t understand the word and get confused. Similarly, the disorder occurs when the gamers don’t guess the word or think the wrong word is the answer to 21 July Wordle.


So, it is proved there is no such thing as an Apaid WordleThe entire concept is the wrong concept. We use all the validated data to verify the matter. If you are still in a state of confusion, you can go through the link. Are you still confused? Comment, please.

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