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Apakah Yagoal Scam (December 2021) Is This A New Scam?

The guide shares details about the money-making app to help users know about the Apakah Yagoal Scam.

Yagoal, the instant money-making application, is in the news and attracting many users in Indonesia. The application claims to be the best and new money-making platform that pays off quickly to the users. 

But, many users are still wondering if this claim is true or it is a new scam. At first look, the application seems like other money-making apps that were popping up online. But, some of the money-making apps are focused on committing scams using users’ data. So, the users are reluctant to use the app and want to know about Apakah Yagoal Scam.  

What is Yagoal App?

As mentioned, Yagoal is the newly developed money-making application making news on social media and attracting many users in Indonesia. As per the official claims, the application aids the users to create a high passive income of 10%. 

The application follows the same algorithm to work as it is a money deposit app where users have to deposit 100 thousand IDR to activate their account. The amount deposited will receive a 2% interest per day; as a result, the application increases the income significantly.

The application is only accessible on smartphones and not on PC or laptops. But, on our investigation, we found it is a soccer gambling portal. So, people want to know if Apakah Yagoal Scam or legit to use. 

How Yagoal App Helps You Make Money?

As said earlier, users have to deposit 100 thousand IDR to activate the account and start the investment scheme. It will help them make money on the application. 

Apart from depositing money on your account, users also have to play games and collect the points to increase their income. The points earned on the platform are converted into cash and transferred to an e-wallet or local account.    

Besides, users can also wager on live football matches, and if you win the wager, a commission of 75% is given to the player. Since it is a soccer gambling website, you might get scammed under the semblance of wagering.   

Is Apakah Yagoal Scam or Legit?

As the term wagering and betting is linked with the application, many users wonder if it is a safe service or a scam. So, we found a few pointers to help users know if it is a scam or legit. 

  • Regarding systematic, the application uses a deposit system, and the agreement for deposit is not cleared. So, there is no information on what percentage will be returned after the deposit. 
  • Yagoal is also a soccer gambling application, and hence the safety and security of the app can’t be guaranteed. Gambling is prohibited in many states, and both data collection and investment are not guaranteed on the app. So, people want to know Apakah Yagoal Scam or legit.
  • The data collected on the application are stored in a suspicious server that is not cleared to the users. So, it can be misused without the consent of the users.   

Users’ Reviews

After researching, we found people are saying that it is highly a suspicious application. People are asking to secure the capital as the service is a scam.  

The Concluding Thoughts

We found that the application is highly suspicious and possibly a dubious service based on all these findings. So, people asking Apakah Yagoal Scam must know that it is a scam and not legit. It will help if you learn How to Protect Yourself from a Scam to avoid possible online fraud. 

Are you using the Yagoal App? Then, please share your experiences in the comment section. Moreover, we have provided you with the information only and do not promote or endorse any gambling platform or service.

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