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Apkteca. Com Stumble Guys {July} Check Features, Levels!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about Apkteca. Com Stumble Guys, hosting links for highly-rated Android games.

Are you a fan of casual and action games on Android, iOS, Windows and Steam platforms? Did you know Stumble Guys multiplayer game trends in Chile, Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia? Did you know that 32 players can participate in Stumble Guys at a time? Did you know that only one winner emerges at the end of the game?

So, let’s check its availability and reviews on Apkteca. Com Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys at Apkteca.com:

Apkteca.com is an ILLEGITIMATE website hosting links to import highly rated android games. The fans of Stumble Guys are searching to freely installation of the game. Unfortunately, Stumble Guys are UNAVAILABLE on Apkteca.com.

Apkteca.com provides a direct import link that includes a ‘.zip’ file with more than four irrelevant ‘.apk’ apps pertaining to apps other than Stumble Guys, not good for user device and data. 

Importing Stumble Guys:

Stumble Guys can be freely and legally imported from Google Play Store. However, players opt for installing Stumble Guys from third-party websites as they provide cracked MODs at Apkteca. Com Stumble Guys, enabling players to activate various skins and stands that are otherwise sold between $0.99 to $4.99 in the legitimate version.

Features of Stumble Guys:

Stumble Guys was released on 7th October 2021 and recently updated on 28th March 2022. More than 100 million android users install it. The game is also available on Windows OS under the Indie game or Platform game category.

The latest version-0.37 features a new map of Paint Splash, daily spins, new rewards, four new skins, tournaments, Etc. It is rated 4.1/5 stars by 2.21 million users on Google Play Store and 4.2/5 stars by 19,981 users on the Apple store. However, Apkteca. Com Stumble Guys pages did not list the game files.

Various levels and modes in the game require the players to run on a platform high above the ground. If the character falls, it dies, and the game continues till anyone in multiplayer reaches the finish line to gain victory.

The Race To Finish! mode includes the following levels:

  • Cannon Climb,
  • Spin Go Round,
  • Pivot Push,
  • Tile Fall,
  • Humble Stumble,
  • Floor Flip,
  • Jungle Roll,
  • Icy Heights,
  • Super Slide,
  • Over And Under,
  • Space Race,
  • Lava Rush,
  • Lost Temple,
  • Paint splash.

The Don’t Fall! Apkteca. Com Stumble Guys Mode:

  • Bombardment,
  • Block Dash,
  • Honey Drop, and
  • Laser Tracer.

The Team Stages mode includes:

  • Rocket Rumble, and
  • Stumble Soccer.

Stumble Guys Skins by Rarity:

  • Common Skins,
  • Uncommon Skins,
  • Rare Skins,
  • Epic Skins,
  • Legendary Skins, and
  • Special Skins.


Apkteca.com was registered in the USA from 21st-January-2021 until 21st-January-2023. Apkteca.com has a 58.6% business ranking, a poor Alexa Ranking of 2,369,084, a 22% suspicion score, and a 60% Trust Rank. Apkteca.com uses a secured HTTPS protocol. Its IP has an SSL certificate valid for the next 85 days. But, Apkteca.com seems a SCAM as it is not authorized to host files from original game developers.

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