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Apple Music Pie Chart {June} What Is It All About? Read!

This post-Apple Music Pie Chart will guide our readers all the necessary details regarding apple music.

Do you like hearing music? Are you looking for the best music? Then you should definitely listen to the apple music. Apple Music offers the capability to install your preferred music, and you can play that music offline also after installing. The playlist chart was very much liked by the users. The people in Canada, the United States, the United KingdomThailand, and Mexico are big fans of apple music.

This post on Apple Music Pie Chart will provide our readers with all the details regarding apple music.

Chart of Apple Music

As we all know, that apple music is very much popular. Nowadays, Apple Music comes with a feature of a pie chart, where one gets to know their song’s history in pie chart format. It is not just only showing your history in simple way but in a detailed way. This tool makes itself in the form of a pie chart and comes with suggestions for your favorite music list. It is like all the information about your playlist are showing. Your history is shown in comprised Pie chart format.

Apple New Text Features

Apple has come with new texting features. IOS allows its users to delete any text from the other person’s side, which means to unsend it at any time. Users can set the settings according to themselves. They can even mark the seen text as unread. You can recover our previous message, which got deleted and easily recall your recent texts. One can share anything on messages with the new tool play share, which recently came on message. One can share texts like music, films, and songs. 

This texting feature is very much liked by Apple users worldwide. The new text features have become as famous as the Apple Music Pie Chart nowadays.

Why People talking about Apple Music?

As we know, apple music has a streaming feature service, and you can choose to listen to songs from 90 million popular songs on playlists. One can enjoy hearing music on I pad, apple watch, phone, Max, etc. Now apple music will be available on Windows and all Android devices. The price of this is also affordable. It depends on the monthly plan you choose.

One can take a trial also before investing in any monthly plan as apple music came up with a new feature Apple Music Pie Chart, which was liked by all the people. This is the main reason people nowadays are talking about Apple Music.


Summing up this post, we have shared all the necessary details about apple music and the new texting features of apple. We have tried our best to share all the correct information regarding apple music with our readers. If you have any doubts or questions about today’s post, please let us know.

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