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Apricot Penguin Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Legit Or Not?

Apricot Penguin Reviews 2020

Apricot Penguin Reviews {Dec 2020} Is It Legit Or Not? >> If you are looking for some fun for your kid, then read this review & Find if it is worth buying!

‘Are you looking for some extra fun for your munchkin who is getting bore while staying at home?’ Well, this Apricot Penguin Reviews is going to serve you with an appropriate answer to these questions. 

We recently bumped into this beautiful website loaded with attractive toys for the United Kingdom‘s notorious kids, so we thought of sharing its relevant information. This website is tempting because of the toys, and the alluring 70% off, so let’s check its reality.

What is Apricot Penguin? 

Apricot Penguin is a website of the United Kingdom specially dedicated to Kids’ enjoyment as it is loaded with toys and games. But if you have visited the site, you know there is something wrong so let’s find more about it in our Apricot Penguin Reviews, down here. 

As the website is brand new, we thought of digging for some information about its authenticity so that you can make an informed decision for your kid’s joy!! This site is well designed and equipped with policies and discounts to attract parents and kids. 


  • Website Type- Kids Toys and Games 
  • Domain Age- 91 days (Creation Date- 01-09-20)
  • Contact Number- 07506642190
  • Company Address- 4_Chelt Cl Reading_RG30_4HZ_UK
  • Email Address- 
  • Shipping Time- 48 hours.
  • Tracking- After three days of departure
  • Delivery time- 10 days
  • Return and Refund- 14 days guarantee. 
  • Payment- Only Card Payment. 

Pros of Apricot Penguin Reviews

  • The website seems genuine and has a vast collection of toys. 
  • The website is having helpful policies of return and refund that improves customer satisfaction. 
  • It is providing contact details for helping the customers anytime. 
  • The interface of the site is user friendly. 

Cons of Apricot Penguin

  • No customer reviews
  • The website is very new and also shares the domain name with a third party. 
  • There is no information or trust score about the site on the internet. 
  • The payment system of only card and faulty tracking system puts a wrong impression. 

Is this website legit or a scam?

The question Is Apricot Penguin Legit or a scam?’ is concerned, then the answer is No, Apricot Penguin is not a legit website. We searched the web space to bestow you with accurate information, and found many things that have been discussed below!! 

The website is not having trustworthy reviews over the internet, and we failed to find any relevant information that guarantees the authenticity of the website. The site is also not providing accurate information related to its address, and the Google review of the business is only one. 

We also failed to find any social media handles of the website, and the domain is just 91 days old. Apart from that, some other fishy information also puts an impression of scam alert and knows that you must continue reading this unbiased review

What are people saying about Apricot Penguin Reviews?

We searched the internet to find the answer to ‘Is it legit or a scam?’ but failed to find any result as there were no reviews of people about this site. It also indicates that the site is not famous among the people of the United Kingdom. Apart from that, Apricot Penguin is not available on any social media site like Facebook or Instagram. That could have been a source of finding the customer’s point of view for Apricot Penguin. 

The site itself is also not providing space for customer review or feedback, indicating that it is a scam site trying to fool people and earn money. In search of Apricot Penguin Reviews, we also found the absence of a review regarding its authenticity also deprives us of knowing about the public view. 

Final Verdict 

After scrolling the internet for truthful information about the site, we concluded that the site is a Scam site, and you should not trust it until it proves its authenticity. 

If you are having any experience with Apricot Penguin, then please feel free to share the details in our comment section so that our readers get more insightful and real-time information. 

We need to wait for the answer of ‘’Is Apricot Penguin Legit or a scam?’ or customer feedback that could enlighten this site’s truth; until then, it is not safe for you to purchase anything from the site.

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  1. The limited company Apricot Penguin ceased trading in 2019 and did not retain the Apricot Penguin domain name so it appears someone has picked up the website name and running a scam claiming to be selling toys.

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!

    I fell for it!

    I was suspicious when I received a confirmation email from

    Didn’t wanna judge so I sat on it for a few days and decided it must be a small company providing an honest hustle. I quickly researched it’s legitimacy and found them on companies house….Aha I know nothing!!

    Anyway… checked my bank transfer and it shows up as troppipets?? … research links it to a cat bed website…

    I’m on the phone to the bank now.

  3. I stupidly placed an order on the apricot penguin website last week. I have not received a confirmation email and the order is still showing as processing in my account on the website. I paid for faster delivery but there is no sign of my purchases and there is no way of contacting the company. it looks like a definite scam 🙁

  4. Don’t buy ANYTHING from this company!!! I’ve been scammed while trying to buy my granddaughter her Xmas present. I’m a pensioner with limited funds so this was a costly buy for me. I’m not going to be able to get the doll for her now as money and time have run out. Elizabeth and Michael Boyle have ruined Xmas for her and me. I’m heartbroken that I’m not going to get what I ordered. Did those two really need to steal the £30 from me so desperately??? Have tried to contact them through their website and email, but the website is gone and the email address has been suspended due to suspicious activities!!

  5. This seemed a perfectly legitimate site. I paid the money, got a confirmation email stating there would be a slight delay due to Black Friday. Emailed twice asking when I can expect delivery – nothing. First time ever a site has been so cleverly done that it fooled me. Have lost my money but learned a valuable lesson.

  6. Same as the others here. I stupidly made a purchase for a Lego Friends set for my daughter as a Xmas present – the money has been taken from my account but I have received no confirmation email or correspondence after the purchase. I contacted them via the website a day after but received no reply and a week later, tried the website and it no longer exists – this is a definite scam on the lead up to Xmas.

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