Aqueduct COVID Vaccine (Feb) All You Need To Know!

Aqueduct COVID Vaccine 2021

Aqueduct COVID Vaccine (Feb) All You Need To Know! >> The post shares details about the new vaccine distribution center created at the famous racecourse.          

The racking track in the United States dedicates the first floor as the Aqueduct COVID Vaccine distribution center. The New York Racing Association has confirmed to convert the 1st floor of the Aqueduct Racing Track to the COVID Vaccine distribution center, starting from 18th January 2021. 

The race track’s first floor will continue serving as the NYC COVID-19 vaccination center until further notice. Apart from Belmont Park, the Aqueduct race track is the second vaccine distribution center to join the NYRA’s downstate track. 

It is the new distribution center for COVID vaccines, and the Northwell Health Association operates it. Find out more details regarding the distribution center below.

What is the Aqueduct COVID Vaccine Center?

In a bid to heighten the number of COVID-19 vaccination distribution centers in the United States, the New York state authorities have created many new centers. It would help provide a maximum number of shots to the residents on short notice

Recently, the state authorities have created more distribution centers in the COVID hotspots. The new distribution centers target the hotspots with a higher number of viral spreads. After Belmont Park, the state authorities have decided to convert the 1st floor of Aqueduct Race Track into a COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Center. 

Aqueduct COVID-19 Vaccine distribution center is the second to join NYRA’s downstate track after Belmont Park. However, Aqueduct COVID Vaccine was suspended on 7th February due to a winter storm in the state. It is necessary to contact the authorities before seeking an appointment at the center. 

More Updates on Aqueduct COVID-19 Vaccine Center

  • Aqueduct Racetrack has suspended horse racing due to the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 Virus. However, live racing is still going on but without fans and the public. 
  • Training and stabling is still going on in Belmont Park and not at Aqueduct Racetrack.
  • Appointments at the Aqueduct Racetrack are booked via online services. Millions of residents, including healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, frontline workers, and residents above 65, are currently eligible for seeking the vaccination. 
  • Aqueduct COVID Vaccine distribution center also served the residents when the hospitals were overflowing during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. So, the authorities consider this place as an appropriate destination for distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. 
  • Even the racecourse’s parking lot was converted into a testing place where COVID-19 testing was conducted in April 2020, and it is still used to serve as the testing location for residents.       

How to Book Appointments for Vaccination?

Eligible residents and health workers are required to book appointments online as vaccinations are available with appointment only. The appointment booking system at Aqueduct COVID Vaccine is made online for the ease of the residents.

Before booking an appointment at the vaccine distribution, it is necessary to check the eligibility at the COVID-19 vaccination official website, i.e., 


Immunization for the CVOID-19 virus is possible at Aqueduct Racetrack as the racecourse’s 1st floor was converted into a vaccine distribution center. The racecourse’s parking lot is serving the COVID-19 testing center, where residents can get tested for the virus.

It is the state-run vaccine distribution center in Queens. Have you booked your appointment at the Aqueduct COVID Vaccine center? Please share your experience with readers in the comments section. 


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