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The Best Arizona Flat Fee MLS Companies

Complete Information Arizona Flat Fee MLS Companies

The Best Arizona Flat Fee MLS Companies: From February 2021 to February 2022, property prices in Arizona, particularly the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metro area, grew by 31% and are showing no plans of slowing down in the coming year. This means that now is the best time to cash in on the hot property market and realize the value your home has gained in the last few years.

But this also means the average seller now pays $4,000 more in listing agent commission than they did a year ago. Money that many sellers are now realizing isn’t necessary to spend. Enter the Arizona flat fee MLS. Flat fee MLS offer buyers a way to hold onto the more than $16,000 they would otherwise spend on seller’s agent commission and put that money to use somewhere else. But, to do that, you can’t use any flat fee MLS, you must find and use the best.

Question to Ask to Find the Best Arizona Flat Fee MLS

Before we dive into our top picks, selecting a Flat Fee MLS is similar to choosing your real estate agent. Because, essentially, the flat fee MLS represents the listing agent and is the gateway to your property and a host of eager buyers.

Therefore, you should invest as much time in vetting your flat fee MLS as you would finding the ideal agent. Failing to do this could delay or hinder your sale. 

How Long Is My Home Listed For on the MLS?

It’s essential that your listing remains active for as long as it takes to sell your home. You can guarantee this by taking a closer look at the average days on the market and multiplying it by 2. Your home should sell quicker than that, but the extra time acts as a buffer to guarantee that you sell within the allotted time, as averages aren’t indicative of what will happen. 

Who Do I Contact if I Need Some Assistance?

Imagine you’ve just received a request to view your home, but for some reason, you can’t respond. What do you do in that situation? Naturally, you’ll want assistance from a capable person, who can help you resolve your issues or at the very least escalate them to someone who can resolve it. Remember, your home is at stake, so being able to communicate with a capable human should be non-negotiable. 

How Much Will I Spend Beyond the Initial Flat Fee?

Some flat fee services have hidden costs that quickly add up, and what once seemed like a cost-saving solution becomes a vacuum of your hard-earned cash, even before your home is listed. Therefore, before you sign up for any flat fee MLS, contact them to ascertain which features are only available at an extra cost. This also allows you to test their communication.

3 of the Best Arizona Flat Fee MLS

Although there are dozens of Arizona Flat Fee MLS, these are the three that have something for everyone.

  • Houzeo

Houzeo has been a leader in the flat fee space for some time. They’ve made selling a home without the assistance of an agent easier than it’s ever been; as a result, they feature as our foremost pick. 

Pricing: $399

What You Get:

  • Maximum photographs allowed by the MLS
  • Federal & State Disclosures
  • 6 Month Listing
  • Manage Showings Online
  • Online Offers Platform
  • Custom Buying Agent Commission

What Makes Them The Best:

Houzeo has a proprietary offer platform that allows sellers to view offers from buyers online, counteroffer, and request the highest and best offer.

  • Congress Realty

Congress Realty has become a favorite for homeowners in Arizona because they’ve combined full-service reality and the control of a flat fee MLS into a seamless product. 

Pricing: $499

What You Get:

  • 6 Month Listing
  • Maximum photographs allowed by the MLS
  • Automated forwarding of leads
  • Ability to schedule showing
  • Custom Buying Agent Commission
  • Access Support 7 Days a Week

What Makes Them The Best:

Congress Realty has merged full-service features with flat fee MLS benefits, with their greatest feature being able to contact their support desk seven days a week.

  • AZ FSBO Pro

AZ FSBO Pro features on this list because they offer a barebones service that can still be very appealing for some sellers. When it comes to Arizona flat fee MLS, they may not be feature-rich, but they offer access to two of Arizona’s most popular flat fee MLS and enable sellers to contact their listing agent directly. 

Pricing: $299

What You Get:

  • 25 Pictures on the MLS
  • Direct communication with your listing agent
  • 12-month listing

What Makes Them The Best:

AZ FSBO Pro has designed a straightforward way to get onto the MLS. It’s perfect for land deals and investors who aren’t too interested in the other features offered by other Arizona flat fee MLS.

These options offer something for every seller. While Houzeo prioritizes convenience and ease of use, AZ FSBO Pro offers a basic way to access the MLS that can be appealing to investors. 

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