Top Reasons To Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2022

How to Learn Artificial Intelligence in 2022

Everyone in the technology sector seems to be talking about the growth of artificial intelligence and machine learning. And why not! It powers many modern-day and fascinating applications like driverless cars, voice assistants, smart appliances, drones, and chatbots. These technologies have penetrated every industrial sector and so far have led to the automation of many tedious manual tasks. Its popularity has grown so much that people now fear whether their jobs will be replaced by AI. Though it is fair to be worried, one should take a positive approach and start learning AI or other in-demand digital skills to stay afloat in the future. 

For example, you can take an Artificial intelligence course in Atlanta and achieve the certificate to demonstrate your AI skills. Today, it’s not necessary to take out some time off your busy schedule and visit any educational institution to pursue a certification course. You can do it right from the comfort of your home through online training courses. Edtech companies often have a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you access to their study material anytime, anywhere with just an internet connection. 

Are you skeptical about taking an online course or achieving an AI certification, for that matter? Well, this article discusses some of the important reasons why pursuing an AI certificate is worth your time and effort. 

Why Achieve an AI Certification?

People have different opinions about achieving a certificate, whether it is regarding artificial intelligence or any other field. Some consider a certificate as a demonstration of their skills, while others feel they do not add much value when appearing for interviews. However, many surveys have found that employers look for industry-recognized certifications when screening candidates for their open positions. It is observed that professionals who have taken some form of formal training are better equipped with the right skills and are preferred over their non-certified counterparts by the recruiters. Let us discuss some of the other important reasons why we should get certified in AI. 

Step-by-step guidance

Many people try to learn AI on their own. However, their approach is not structured, and they fail to get a good grasp of all the topics covered in this domain. However, with a training course, it is an industry expert who decides the curriculum and knows how to go with the subject from basic to advanced levels. Thus, professionals who take up formal training have better clarity and demonstrate their understanding of AI concepts better in front of employers. 

Leads to good career growth

An AI certificate can also help you climb up the career ladder with good career growth. This is because you have learned something new and have become credible to take up more senior-level positions. It gives you an opportunity to become a part of new AI-based projects and apply your newly developed skills. Eventually, your work will be noticed, and you will experience better career growth. 

Increases your earning potential 

There comes a time when your salary becomes stagnant, and you try looking out for ways to increase it. Well, an AI certificate can open your doors to better salary prospects. By learning a new skill, you will be able to show your readiness toward a new responsibility apart from the work you already do. Even if you want to switch to a new organization, an AI certificate will help you command higher paychecks. 

Prepares for the future of jobs

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology with far-reaching impacts in every industry. Its popularity isn’t going to reduce any time soon. So, by learning AI, you will be able to survive the highly-dynamic job market of present times. This in-demand skill is paying off, and many professionals are now interested in stepping into this rewarding career option. In fact, with an AI certificate, you can make the most of the job opportunities available. The scarcity of AI talent will further help you grab the attention of the hiring managers and land your dream job.    

How to Get Certified?

Well, there are many options if you want to get certified in the promising field of AI and machine learning. We recommend enrolling in a reputed certification training program that teaches you AI from scratch and offers a course completion certificate at the end. The Artificial Intelligence Engineer Master’s program by Simplilearn is one of the best options available. This Simplilearn online training program is designed in partnership with IBM and helps you dive into important concepts like machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, data science, Python programming, and more. 

Simplilearn offers a cutting-edge curriculum designed by industry experts that will help you develop job-ready skills. The trainers include case studies and interactive quizzes in their sessions so that you can reinforce your learning in AI. There are capstone projects that involve real-world data sets, and you get a chance to apply your AI skills while working on them through virtual labs. You will also get access to IBM cloud platforms featuring IBM Watson and other software for 24/7 practice. Head over to Simplilearn and enroll in this program if it matches your learning needs. 

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