Artis Terlibat Macau Scam {Oct} Read More To Know

Artis Terlibat Macau Scam 2020

Artis Terlibat Macau Scam {Oct} Read More To Know -> Find out about a money-laundering scam that is the latest sensation in Malaysia.  

Did you recently hear about the scam that is sending shockwaves in Macau? If so, then let’s continue reading.  

Many people are curious to learn about the latest developments in the Artis Terlibat Macau Scam that involves some famous faces. 

The money laundering scam involving many renowned artists and businessmen in Malaysia has become the talk of the town. 

It is said that many artists have been called to assist with the ongoing investigation. Despite the MAAC asking people who’ve received money from the syndicate to come forward, no one to date has. 

If you wish to learn more about this scam involving famous faces in the country, then do read on. Here we’ve curated a list of info you should know. 

What is this scam all about?

Recently, many tabloids in the country reported that MACC, the Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission, had asked certain artists to provide assistance in the money laundering case. 

The authorities are investigating the Macau Scam syndicate. Male and female artists who’ve received money from this syndicated are asked to assist with the ongoing investigation. 

Shuib Sepahtu and Siti Sarah’s names have come into the light. They’re among the artists that have been called for testifying in the case. Their names are published by many online blogs and news posts. 

The Artis Terlibat Macau Scam also involves many businessmen. The investigating authorities share that at the moment, they’re asking people to assist. Earlier, the commission had asked people to come forward willingly. However, it was reported that no one did. 

Things to know about this scam:

  • The scam involves a Macau scam syndicate.
  • MAAC is investigating the scam.
  • The authorities have called artists and businessmen. 
  • Online news blogs are reporting the names of Siti Sarah and Shuib Sepahtu. 

Who should be aware of this scam?

People who follow tabloid news about celebrities should check out this news. The followers of the celebrities whose names have been shared by the investigating commission should also know about the Artis Terlibat Macau Scam. 

What are people saying about this scam?

Many people are taking up to the internet to discuss the Artis Terlibat Macau Scam. A lot of the fans of the artists whose names have come to light are sharing their opinion on social media platforms and other websites. 


The Artis Terlibat Macau Scam has brought many renowned celebrities, both male and female, under the radar of investigative authorities like MAAC (Malaysian Anti-corruption Commission. 

The commission is investigating a money laundering case involving many famous people. The Chief Commissioner on this scam case had earlier asked people to come forward voluntarily. He shares that his intention is to ward off any kind of detaining. 

The media is constantly reporting on the issue. If you’ve recently heard about this scam, then do share your opinion with us. Please leave a comment below. 

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