Asheboro High School Reviews (June) Check The Ratings!

Asheboro High School Reviews (June) Check The Ratings!

Asheboro High School Reviews (June) Check The Ratings! >> You will get all the updates related to a school which is gaining highlights. Please check the feedbacks for the school here.

Are you looking for the latest update on Asheboro High School? Do you want to know the ratings of the school which is situated in North Carolina, United States?

If so, you have landed to the right place. In this news post, we will tell you every important detail about this school, including Asheboro High School Reviews. Let’s deep digger into the school highlights.

Overview of the Asheboro High School 

The first class of three graduates completed their graduation from this is school in 1905. Then, the School moved its location to a new place on Park Street, and it is still standing there. 

The school has made a major change to the gymnasium in the year 1980. In addition to this, some other renovation was made in the early 1990s. The school has made many expansions to allow more students to study in and the recent expansion project was completed in 2020 a year ago.

Asheboro High School Reviews state this is the only high school in the Asheboro City Schools District. There are around 1300 students currently studying in this School. 

AHS Graduation Update 

The high school has currently announced its graduation ceremony and was held on 3rd June 2021. However, not everything went well in the ceremony, and because of a small misrepresentation, the School gain a lot of highlights but in a negative sense. 

Current News related to the School

We received Asheboro High School Reviews from several platforms in which people showed their rage against the school. 

According to the sources, the school has denied the allegation of not handling a Diploma to a student and stated that the situation is being misrepresented on the social media platforms, and it has always respected the dignity and self-respect of its students. 

Now, let us read about the reviews and ratings of this school in the upcoming section.

What are the Asheboro High School Reviews? 

We have searched for the reviews and come to know that Asheboro High School is an above-average high school. There are a total of 1300 students in the school that includes students from 9th to 12th grade. The student and teacher ratio of the School is 16 to 1, which is quite low.  

Though this school has received a 3+ star rating but recently, it involved itself in a controversy that has done some harm to the reputation of the school. 

As the controversy was based on a very sensitive issue, the school has to bring storm evidence to prove itself true. You may check the reviews and ratings. of the school in this link. 

Closing Thoughts 

Overall, we can say that it is a good school that has maintained its goodwill and reputation in North Carolina. However, Asheboro High School Reviews have done harm to the school. 

What are your opinion and views on this high school? You can share the feedback with us by writing in the comments section. 

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