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Atari Net Worth 2021 (Aug) Facts You Should Know!

After reading this article, you would know the exact Atari Net Worth 2021, its existence, and many more facts.

Do you know the journey of the Atari Company, which produces computer games and gaming consoles, has not been as easy as pie? Yes, the company’s ownership had changed a various number of hands in the last few decades.

It was one of the United States manufacturers of computer and video games. So, it would be pretty interesting to know about its not so easy life.

Let’s get familiar with Atari Net Worth 2021 and much more.

What is Atari All About?

Atari Incorporation was one of the emerging American companies that produce computer and video game consoles. It has led to the emergence of the modern video game industry. Atari has been handed over to several owners.

It was founded by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney in 1972 and then sold off to Jack Tramiel, founder of commodore international in 1984 named Atari corporation. It has manufactured various computers and video game consoles till then.

What are the Key Features of Atari Corporation?

  • Founder of the company: Jack Tramiel
  • Date of commencement:17 May 1984 that is 37 years ago
  • Atari Net Worth 2021: $ 3 Million
  • Type of company: it is a private company
  • Predecessor: initially, it was Atari Incorporation
  • Genre: it manufactures home computers and video games
  • Successor: it was then converted into Atari Interactive
  • Headquarters of the company: Sunnyvale, California, United States

Is Atari still doing Business?

Though it involves an intricate life, yes, it is still active and in business. It still makes use of the brand and its brand logo. 

As the Atari name changed several times throughout its journey, so many times, few companies use the Atari brand name simultaneously.

What is Atari Net Worth 2021?

It was initially founded by Nolan Bushnell, which possesses the total net worth of $ 3 million. The company’s name kept on changing from time to time as and when a new owner arrives. 

Did Steve Jobs work for Atari?

Yes, you heard it right. Before getting into Apple, Steve Jobs Has worked as a technician in the Atari Incorporation. At that time, he was paid the salary of $350 only. He was given the job he has to perform on the night shift due to his temperamental nature. 

Atari Net Worth 2021 would give you the detailed view of its current financial status and worth.  

The Bottom Line 

Atari has been in the news as it holds a complex ownership record which hardly any company poses. Yet, it is the company that has led the evolution of the video gaming industry. 

It manufactures computers and games and is still active after so much chaos in its existence. It has given the youth a mode to pass their leisure time. As of now, you might be clear with Atari Net Worth 2021 and with other factors as well. Read here to know more 

What are your views about the company? Please leave your remarks in the comment section below.

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