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Aura Bora Reviews (Jan 2021) Good To Buy From?


Aura Bora Reviews (Jan 2021) Good To Buy From? >> The write-up shares information about a brand of herbal flavoured sparkling water and find its legitmacy.  

Are you looking for a natural brand of sparkling water? Do you want to enjoy herbal flavoured and tasty sparkling water? Try Aura Bora, the new brand specializing in herbal-flavoured sparkling water with zero calories. Check out the Aura Bora Reviews for more details.  

Aura Bora is labeled as the sparkling herbal water that deals in a variety of attractive flavoured water. The brand currently offers five different flavours of sparkling herbal water, and all are super unique and highly preferred in the United States.  The taste of the sparkling herbal water is excellent, and it is enriched with herbal flavours goodness. 

What is Aura Bora?

Aura Bora is the new brand of sparkling herbal water that deals in a new line of herbal-flavoured, zero-calorie sparkling water. All the sparkling waters are flavoured with the extracts of flowers, fruits, and herbs to enhance the taste. The website deals in five different flavoured sparkling water varieties, including lavender cucumber, cactus rose, basil berry, peppermint watermelon, and lemongrass coconut

The brand offers sparkling water in slim 12 oz. Cans, and it has a matte finish with shrink sleeve labels. The aesthetic of the cans is fanciful, with some cartoon designs and styles. The cans have mostly pastel colour schemes with a soft look. It is highly appreciated in the United States.  

The unique approach of the brand is not only limited to the packaging of the cans. The sparkling water varieties’ are original creations instead of staples, and the brand has done something good with the pairings in flavours. Look for more Aura Bora Reviews to get in-depth information.  


  • Website URL –
  • Products – Herbal-Flavoured Sparkling Water
  • Email Support –
  • Payment Modes – Gpay, ShopPay, and more
  • Delivery and Shipping – Shipping of all orders is free across America, and the shipping and delivery time is shared with the customers at the time of placing the order. The delivery time varies depending upon the location and other environmental factors. 
  • Return and Refund – The website has a 30-day return policy, and it means consumers have 30 days to request a return at their email address. If the order is eligible for a return, consumers will receive a notification with shipping labels. Refund is initiated as the order is received, and it is automatically credited into the original payment mode after receiving the order.
  • Social Presence – Instagram and Facebook
  • Contact Number – Not Mentioned

Pros of Aura Bora

  • Herbal flavoured sparkling water 
  • Healthy and tasty
  • No added preservatives and all-natural
  • Multiple Aura Bora Reviews available online 
  • The brand is selling its products via many reputed sellers
  • Available in five different flavours
  • Clean, good, and tasty
  • Made from flowers, fruits, and herbal extracts 

Cons of Aura Bora

  • Quite expensive than other flavoured drinks
  • Many crucial details are missing from the website
  • No contact number or physical address shared
  • No information about brand owner 

Is Aura Bora Legit or Scam?

There is no reason to consider Aura Bora Sparkling Water a scam. Aura Bora is a reputed and quite renowned brand of herbal flavoured sparkling water. The website and its products are highly praised online, with a 4.5-star rating out of 5. Besides, most consumers are satisfied with the unique pairing of the flavours and their taste. 

The product is available at the seller’s website and also at many reputed and leading ecommerce websites. So, it confirms its legitimacy, and we found no reasons for considering it a scam. There are many reviews to verify its legitimacy. 

Aura Bora Reviews from Customers

After evaluating the website, we have noticed that it has received many reviews from valued customers. The website is not only popular amongst the fitness freak people, but others also enjoy its products. 

The products of this website are also sold at many reputed ecommerce websites. It has received a good rating and many reviews on social media. Users are happy with the quality of the products it offers and the unique pairing of the flavours. They liked the taste and appreciated the brand for providing such excellent sparkling water. There are many Aura Bora Reviews in support of the website. 

Final Verdict

Overall, Aura Bora is the website that provides a unique offering in the category of herbal-flavoured sparkling water. The website deals in five different flavoured sparkling varieties and you can buy them all at the website or from other reputed online stores.

The reviews are good and in favor of the brand, and it confirm the products’ legitimacy. If you have anything to share about a brand or sparkling water, please write it down in the comment section. 

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