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Autotest COVID Tradaka.Com {Dec} Know Domain Legitimacy!

This article describes a French E-commerce website that provides online delivery of various medical kits and equipment. Read on Autotest COVID Tradaka.com.

Are you looking for medical kits to check the presence of Coronavirus in your body? If yes, this article describes a website that provides similar self-check kits for those who like to get self-tested at their home.

People from France do not prefer to go to hospitals to check the possibility of Coronavirus as people are advised to take care from being affected by the new virus variant Omicron. Continue reading till the end to learn more about the Autotest COVID Tradaka.com.

About Tradaka Website

Tradaka website is a type of French E-commerce website that supplies various medical-related products, equipment and kits to its customers. The homepage provides all relevant information related to the products available on the website.

The major and popular product available on this website is Auto-test Covid. This website also provides other medical equipment such as hygiene products, gels hydroalcooliques, disposable gloves, disinfectant wipes and respirators. All the products available on the webpage are well organized, and the user can sort according to relevance, name and price of various items.

Autotest COVID Tradaka.com

  • The domain age is 3 years and 38 days. The domain has been active since 13th November 2018.
  • The trust score for the Tradaka website is 76%. The points that favor this website are the age of the website and the presence of HTTPS protocol. The point against this website is the anonymous nature of the website owner.
  • The website has a rating of 4.4 of 5, according to the information from Trustpilot. Ninety-one users rated this average rating. Seventy-two percent of users rated excellent, fourteen percent rated good, three percent average, four percent low, and seven percent bad.

Covid Auto-test Kit 

  • Autotest COVID Tradaka.com is delivered to the customer within 48 and 72 hours, depending on the product quantity and customer location.
  • The Tradaka website provides three kits under the category of Covid auto-test. Individuals or organizations can use the kits.
  • There is a self-test box for single individual testing purposes. The price for one box is 2,89 € TTC. The minimum order quantity for this product is five hundred. The test result will be available to the user in thirty minutes. Anyone above three years of age can use the individual box. Keep reading to learn about the Autotest COVID Tradaka.com.
  • Another kit contains a box of five kits. The minimum order quantity for this box is five units. The price of the box is 20,00 € TTC.
  • The user can also order a box of twenty kits. The minimum order quantity is forty. The price of this box is 48,00 € TTC.


Many people choose Self-test medical kits after the pandemic outbreak to avoid unnecessary contact with patients outside their house. To know more about the topic discussed here, please visit.

Have you purchased any kits online similar to Autotest COVID Tradaka.com? If so, please share your opinion here.

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